Yield French Press Review for 2020: Features, Pros, and Cons

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Combining impeccable style and peak performance, the Yield French Press is a high end coffee press that features a professional coffeehouse look while providing a delicious cup of coffee. In addition to the sleek ceramic coating, the Yield French Press has a geometric handle with very modern lines so that it will fit in very well in a modern or minimalist kitchen.

Yield operates out of St. Augustine, Florida, and they work with a fair-trade ceramic business in Hanoi, Vietnam. The presses are then assembled in Florida.

The ceramic design helps to keep the coffee from the moment you make it so you don’t have to rush to enjoy the whole pot. It will retain heat for a good amount of time, which is a nice feature for those who like to take time to drink their coffee.

The Yield French Press is on the expensive side compared to other models of similar size, coming in at over $100, but this is a press that was made to last. Whereas many presses fall apart over time with daily use, the Yield French Press will keep delivering a top-quality cup of coffee every morning.

Features of the Yield French Press

Here are some of the main features of the Yield French Press:

  • Sturdy glazed ceramic body with copper pull
  • Filter is stainless steel and is easy to clean
  • 850 mL capacity (approximately 28 ounces)
  • Dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Color options: Black, white, gray, or standard glass (non ceramic)
  • Coffee stays hot thanks to ceramic outer layer

Pros of the Yield French Press

The ceramic coating will not peel off like some of the other presses with finishes, so it will always look good in your kitchen.

There is no rubber or plastic in the Yield French Press. The only materials used are steel, ceramic or glass depending on the design you choose, and the copper on the pull-handle. There is also a fine mesh filter (made of steel) that allows for the use of fine and coarse grinds.

Cons of the Yield French Press

The biggest issue with this press is that there’s nothing that sets the Yield French Press apart from other models, which makes the higher price point somewhat problematic. It doesn’t have a large capacity and it doesn’t list a double wall or vacuum seal among its features, which are standard in other presses. That makes the price point even more difficult to justify.

This press does not have rubber or plastic parts, which can be challenging for some users who are acquainted with the way other models function. This press makes a great gift for an experienced coffee enthusiast but probably isn’t designed to be someone’s first press.

Customer Feedback

Here are some of the positive things that customers have said about the Yield French Press:

  • Great design, looks great

Not all of the feedback was favorable. Here are some of the negative things that customers have reported:

  • The pour spout sometimes drips the coffee rather than pours it cleanly, resulting in splatter

The Yield French Press is great for serious coffee enthusiasts who enjoy design as much as function. It would make a great gift for someone who already enjoys using French presses, but it’s not ideal for a novice. This model comes at a much higher price than other presses. While the Yield French Press is a beautiful French press, the basic functions are the same as many other presses with much lower price points.