White Coffee: All You Need to Know

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Oh! I should get up and have my regular cup of coffee and give a kickass start to my day. But wait, why you need to go with the regular routine when you can try out this trendy coffee beverage and have a new experience.

It’s so amazing that this mind-blowing coffee world is always up and ready with new innovations, and one such variation is White Coffee. Since a few coffee shops have started to sell this coffee drink, we cannot assume that a large number of people are aware of White Coffee.

So, we decided why not spread this helpful piece of information regarding what White Coffee is all about.

Also if you want to try this amazing variation of coffee at home we believe that you need an excellent coffee maker at your home.

What is White Coffee?

Whenever it comes to coffee, we all have a bundle of questions regarding the same. Similarly, we got a lot of queries regarding white coffee like is white coffee really white?

What is the caffeine %age in this coffee in comparison to the regular one? Is white coffee healthy or not? So, here’s what you need to know about White Coffee (in brief).

  • First of all, many of you might think that the beverage is the latest trend in the world of coffee. But the truth is that the White Coffee actually comes with a long story starting in the Middle East.
  • Yemen was the place from where the making of this amazing coffee drink got started, which was traditionally served with hawaji.
  • To make this wonderful coffee beverage, one needs to roast the beans at 325 degrees F. Also, you need to make use of special commercial grinders to indulge in the roasting process.
  • Once you’re done with the brewing process, you’ll end up with a pale beige colored java.
  • If you’re going to try it out for the first time, you’ll get a nutty taste with very low bitterness and definite acidity.
  • Talking about the suggested brewing style, its espresso.

And before I jump to other important segments, let me give you the answer to the frequently asked question (Is White Coffee really white?).

Well, White Coffee is not actually white, it simply comes in lighter brown color than any other darker roasted coffee.

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Where does this White Coffee come from?

You would be amazed to know that your white coffee comes from the very same hard green coffee, you get your regular coffee from. Depending on the coffee bean blend, it is made clear whether it is Robusta or Arabica.

What is really essential for the overall taste of the java after it is brewed is the quality of your coffee beans. And hey! Do not get confused with the Malaysian White Coffee.

This is another type of coffee drink, which is made by mixing roasted coffee beans and margarine with sweetened condensed milk to provide you a creamy, sweet, and tasty cup of coffee.

How you can make White Coffee?

In order to make White Coffee, first, the coffee beans are roasted at a lower temperature and remember you need to roast the beans for the half of the time you take for your regular coffee beans.

In simple words, white coffee means half-baked beans. And if you don’t know the exact temperature that should be taken into consideration for roasting: it is around 325 degrees for White Coffee and from 450 to 480 degrees for your regular coffee.

Well, the process is quite easy, but if you’re short of time or don’t have enough energy to indulge in the process, get your packet of White Coffee online.

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Caffeine Content in White Coffee

We have been talking about this right from the beginning that the coffee beans in white coffee are not completely roasted and because of the low roasting temperatures and half-time taken for the process, the caffeine content in White Coffee in more.

For your information, the caffeine content in any type of coffee is measured by its density. The longer you roast the beans, they become less dense and you end up with less caffeine.

To make this whole clearer, understand like this: Darker coffee beans will have the least caffeine, followed by a medium roast and then light roast.

Coming back to the White Coffee, we hardly roast the coffee beans for this type of coffee drink, thus it comes with more density that further means more amount of caffeine per scoop.

Health Benefits of White Coffee

A number of coffee drinkers have to say that a cup of White Coffee has more caffeine content that their regular cup of coffee. Well, that’s true because the beans are not fully roasted, thus have 50% more caffeine content and the reason being, the coffee loses caffeine in terms of volume when roasted.

White coffee comes with a very nutty flavor and people say that it has a bolder flavor in comparison to the black coffee. Also, White Coffee loses more anti-oxidants and is also less acidic. Did you know why some coffee becomes acidic?

Well, it is due to the roasting process and since White Coffee is roasted for the half-time that of a regular coffee, it holds onto one of the powerful anti-oxidant known as Chlorogenic acid (we’ll read about this in the next section) that further makes White Coffee smoother on your stomach.

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Chlorogenic Acids

We talked about Chlorogenic Acids (CGA) in the previous section and we are here to tell you more about the same. So, the roasting process does change Chlorogenic Acids and that is responsible for many health benefits of coffee.

But what is important to keep in mind is that various blends and origins of it come with different levels of chlorogenic acids. You never know the level of CGA of a light roast in one origin has the same level in another origin of medium roast.

How do you drink your White Coffee?

Satirically, this White Coffee is often taken BLACK that means no addition of milk or cream. On the other side, everyone has their own preferences and do their own experiments with the coffee drink.

Many coffee lovers have suggested that when almond milk is added to the White Coffee’s nutty flavor, it makes it even better.

Also, if you’re the one who is prone to acid reflux or heartburn, adding dairy to the coffee beverage would be a nice option. This will help in alleviating high acidity that happens due to the light roast.

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