Which Coffee Drink Is Healthiest?

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Great news for all the coffee fans out there is that drinking coffee is a blessing and not a curse. Researchers have confirmed that having coffee helps in minimizing health issues such as the burning of fats and blood pressure. Drinking coffee is the first thing most of you do first in the morning and it all depends on that cup of coffee what kind of mood you’ll have for the rest of the day. It’s a routine for a bigger number of crowd and which cannot be overcome at any cost. But why to control it, if you know the exact measurement of consuming coffee, then you are walking on the correct path, so do not worry at all. Here are some of the coffee drinks which experts think are the healthiest and best of course. Let us find out what are they:

Let us start with a skim latte (small), it contains just as much as 100 calories and it contains protein and calcium giving the best things to your body. Another best coffee drink which can be consumed for the nutritional value is Flat white, which contains almost 120 calories and which milk you are going to use will decide the total fat value in it. Another best option is piccolo latte which contains almost negligible fat content as it almost does not have milk in it. But you should not add any sugar to it, as it can increase your sugar intake. You can try to have it with no milk, and still, it tastes the best, trust us!


Basically, cappuccino contains a lesser amount of milk than any other kinds of coffee like a latte or flat white. So, it has small calcium content as compared to other coffee drinks with more fat and froth. So overall the amount of calories in cappuccino is just 110, which is quite healthier and tastier of course.

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Flat white:

This coffee drink contains 120 calories, if you are going to use skim milk, then you will surely be shedding a considerable amount of fat in your drink. It will help in reducing 70 calories all of a sudden. You get some fat after consuming this coffee and milk will surely help you in filling your tummy faster.


This coffee drink can also be prepared by using normal milk or skim milk. This type of drink is full of calories and carbohydrates. The total calorie count is 160 per drink. But if you are going to use skim milk, then this drink becomes almost fat-free. You can even try some chocolate syrup in the drink while preparing which integrates more taste and flavor.

Long Black:

Consuming this type of coffee is a perfect way to balance your coffee craving and your health at the same time. This drink contains just 4 calories in each cup. You can use any kind of milk to keep your drink tastier and healthier as well. Dilute it in the water and it becomes the best drinks for the coffee lovers out there.

Almond Milk Coffee:

As it is known to everyone that using almond milk has become quite a normal thing. As it has lower calories and nutrients as well. Almond milk is usually suggested for people who are unable to consume normal milk. It is easy to digest as it has lower calorie content and nutrients such as calcium and protein.

Bulletproof Coffee:

This kind of coffee has ingredients such as normal milk, oil, and black coffee. This kind of coffee is rich in fats and calories with almost 2000 every cup. So, it always gives you a choice to consume it for the breakfast stuff as well. On the other hand, this coffee can become a cause of weight gain due to its higher fat contents, so it should be consumed as a part of proper diet only.

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Taste and health go hand in hand, so it is important that we balance both the things properly, as an improper diet plan can lead to health issues and life-threatening diseases as well. Coffee can be consumed daily, of course as it is a drink to make your mood on for the battle throughout the day. But if it is healthier and tastier at the same time, then it is going to become a blessing for you to have it to live longer with its delicious taste. Drink Healthy, Stay healthy!

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