Top 9 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

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Just tell me, how many times you have been told by your mother or any other elderly that you should not skip your breakfast? A lot number of times, I guess.

And a person who cannot leave his/her home without some extra kickass energy in them surely doesn’t go out without their mandatory cup of coffee, true? In fact, now some of the studies have even shown that drinking coffee is good for your health (to some extent).

Ways to Make Healthy Coffee

And now when we have just discussed why so many people love this drink and how important coffee is to them, why not go through a few outstanding ways that can help it make your drink even healthier and you can have it without losing your appetite. Have a look.

1. Say NO to Artificial Sweeteners and Refined Sugar

Why add any artificial sweetener or refined sugar to the coffee and make it unfit for your health when your coffee is already healthy itself. I don’t know if you know it or not but there are many famous kinds of coffee that already come with artificial sweetener or refined sugar.

Also, you should know that sugar contains a high amount of fructose and can cause a lot of major diseases like diabetes or obesity.

Well, that was one thing but if you’re the one who cannot handle the taste of the coffee without a little sweetness in it, then it is recommended to go for a natural sweetener like stevia.

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2. Let’s add some Cinnamon to your drink

Now, here’s another way that will not only help you create a new and different taste but also supports heart health and keep your blood sugar levels balanced. All you need to do is add some cinnamon to your coffee drink. How will it be beneficial to your health?

When you add a pinch of it to your coffee, it not only boosts antioxidants but also lowers down your blood sugar, and eliminates the risk of heart disease.

Lastly, adding cinnamon to coffee ends up with such a great taste that once you start having this combination, you might not feel the need of adding cream and sugar to your drink.

3. Quality over quantity

Well, the quality of a cup of coffee totally depends on the brewing process, how the beans have been grown and roasted. For your information, there were a lot of cases, where due to the mass production of coffee and due to a long growth time period of a coffee tree (5 years), farmers started spraying pesticides or any other harmful chemicals on their coffee tree, which are never good for human consumption.

Yes, these pesticides can speed up the growth time but leave a lot of harmful effects on our bodies. If possible, always try to go for organic coffee or check out for the best and trusted coffee brand.

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4. Add Cocoa to Coffee

I just love the cold months of winter when it is all about staying cozy in the warm quilts and have a cup of sweet and hot chocolate. I mean who doesn’t love that?

But we already had a discussion not to add sugar to the coffee. You don’t have to worry because you can add some organic and unsweetened cocoa to your favorite cup of java and have the same winter feels.

Cocoa comes with several different health benefits like eliminating the risk of heart disease and cancer. And just remember a small teaspoon would be enough and can do the job.

5. Add Coconut Oil to Coffee

Another fantastic ingredient you can add to your coffee to add flavors to it. This ingredient can be a savior for those who cannot go without adding artificial vanilla or some syrup or hazelnut creamers to their coffee beverage.

Just switch all these ingredients with a tablespoon of coconut oil and experience a wonderful natural tropical taste. Adding more to this information, coconut oil even comes with great health benefits like it can help you in losing weight and avoiding Alzheimer.

All in all, I don’t know if you’ll really gain some benefits or not but the creaminess and flavors you’ll get by adding coconut oil are out of the world.

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6. First, Eat something then Drink Coffee

I know that a large number of people have this habit of having their favorite cup of java right after they wake up in the morning. If you also practice the same, stop it right now because you’re actually allowing your body to lower down your energy levels by doing this.

The theory behind this logic is very simple: our body releases insulin when you let caffeine enter your body found in your coffee drink. And as a result, this can cause a huge drop in your blood sugar, which simply makes you tired.

So, it is important to have some snacks while having a cup of coffee or have something before you consume your drink. Trust me, your body will love it.

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7. Stop Consuming Coffee after 2 P.M.

Coffee lovers would agree to this, it’s the caffeine present in coffee that makes this drink so lovable. It’s definitely the one pick-me-up drink that helps you keep awake, full of energy, and allows you to be more productive.

But when you consume a cup of coffee later in the day, it can disturb your sleep cycle no matter how efficiently you can tolerate it, and poor sleep can result in many health problems.

But if you still that energy booster during the day time, go for decaf or black tea that comes with less caffeine and can give you the energy boost you wanted.

8. Add Grass-fed Butter to Coffee

This is to address all the health-conscious people out there who are following the trendy Bulletproof Diet nowadays. Have you tried out the amazing Bulletproof Coffee?

If not, all you need to do is add some Grass-fed butter to your black coffee and enjoy the wonderful mind-boosting drink that comes with other health benefits as well.

In addition to this, in order not to leave with globs of butter on the top of the drink, make sure you’re using a handheld blender or latte frother for blending the coffee.

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9. Consume coffee in a Reasonable Amount

I’ve already told you this in the introduction paragraph though coffee is beneficial to your health but to some extent and consuming it in a large amount can bring some health issues along.

Having caffeine in an excessive amount can result in anxiety, can disturb the sleep cycle, ruin the quality of your sleep, and most importantly can make you addicted for the same- and over the time it can become difficult for you to wake up without your coffee.

Thus, you need to take your coffee in a balanced way considering all the advantages and disadvantages it can bring and by seeing what suits the best to your body.

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