The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Pour-Over-Coffee in 2020

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They say ‘Great things come with patience’ and if I am getting an exotic cup of coffee through this method then I am ready to show my patience every day.

A rich cup of java is just the perfect wake-me-up thing and thanks to the advanced technology, this one cup is simply a click away.

But ask any true coffee fanatic who’ve started out the real way of brewing coffee like pour over coffee, they would hardly prefer switching to any other method.

And why though, when a method can provide them the purest and amplified tasting coffee out of any other ways. Making a cup of pour over coffee can be really fun, easy, and creative.

And once you learn the basics of this method, you can easily choose your favorite technique. So, without wasting another minute, let’s jump into the ultimate guide to pour over coffee.

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What exactly this Pour Over Coffee?

Want to impress your partner with your ultimate coffee brewing skills? Call over him/her and prepare an exotic cup of pour over coffee. Also, this kind of coffee can only be prepared 1-2 cups at a time. Would be a perfect thing, I guess.

 In order to make pour over coffee, dripper and the coffee filter are kept on the coffee pitcher or cup and you need to pour in hot water by hand and let it get soaked by the coffee grounds.

As a result, you’ll get coffee dripping out from the end. Well, that’s the only secret how you end up with a cup of coffee rich in taste and too that without any coffee bits.

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Brewing Tips

Before we directly jump into the “How to make Pour over Coffee” Section, let’s get into some vital brewing tips that can help you make the ideal cup. In fact, these tips are really very essential for beginners.

These tips are very easy and can make a difference in your cup of coffee. Keep them in your mind, experiment, and adjust to the taste accordingly.

Blooming is very crucial:

First, let’s get into the important scientific concept, which is blooming or wetting. When you grind those amazing coffee beans a by-product form, which is the buildup in the grinds of carbon dioxide.

Well, this is not actually a bad or wrong thing, but the carbon dioxide does not let the water to bore through the grinds completely unless it is set free first. All you do is let the carbon dioxide get released by wetting the coffee.

And hey! If you want the things to go just perfect to the best cup of coffee, you need to pour enough amount of water into the coffee grounds and see them bloom. Here’s how you do it:

  • Start with adding the correct amount of water so that all the coffee grounds are wet.
  • Take a pause for about 30 seconds so that you can let the carbon dioxide get released.
  • Now, see those grounds expand and swell after you add water to it. This is called wetting or blooming.

And and… those who simply get lost in the smell of fresh coffee are definitely going to love this thing because this is the point where the coffee grounds release a soothing and wonderful smell.

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Consistency is the next step:

This is one of the crucial or I should say ‘Never to forget’ step while indulging in the brewing process. That way you can not only correct down your mistakes but you can also experiment with the brewing method if you’re clear with the basics. And how you can become consistent? Just follow these helpful tips:

  • Get a good quality scale that can give you concise measurements.
  • A quality burr grinder will always work.
  • Make sure you follow the brewing guide carefully, in order to get even extraction.
  • If you want that perfect cup of coffee every time, beginners should record everything to remember how they did it for the first time.

Correct Pour over coffee ratio matters:

Just remember, if the ratio of water and coffee is correct, you’re done with the right coffee flavor, whether you want it bold, light, bitter, or mild. Everything will be under your control.

And if you ask about the best ratio, it is generally recommended to try: 55gm of coffee per liter of water.

A few experiments and calculations with the ratio and you can find out the right one that works for you. But if you ever feel problems in deciding the correct ratio, here’s a simple method for the same.

All you need to do is, write down the weight of coffee and water you’ve used and brewed a cup.

Now, taste it. What do you feel about the first sip? Does it taste strong or rich or weak or bitter? Does it taste the same way you wish?

If no, For a richer flavor, add more coffee and for a sweeter cup of java, then use less coffee.

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Some Additional Tips:

Last but not least, before you get into looking at the steps involved in the brewing method, here are some additional guidelines that you need to follow anyhow.

  • Cleanliness: Always see to it that all the equipment are cleaned properly and the coffee oils are removed.
  • Grind Size: Right grind size for an ideal cup of coffee is very vital and medium-fine grind work for almost every manual pour over coffee maker.
  • Boiling Water: For the brewing of the coffee, water just off boiling is perfect. Boil the water and wait for 30 seconds before you start the brewing process.
  • Different ways of brewing: You must try several different ways for brewing your cup of coffee. Try out with new flavors. Trust me you’re going to love it.

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How to make the pour over coffee

Read out the steps with great concentration while keeping the important brewing tips in the mind and everything will be just perfect.

  • You need to start with grinding your coffee beans to medium-fine grounds, similar to the consistency of salt.
  • Then take the dripper and keep a cone-shape filter paper into it and place that dripper of the pitcher or your coffee mug. Use boiling water and let it pour down through the filter, let it rinse, and then pre-heat the container. Now, pour out the water.
  • Next, you need to put your grinds in the filter.
  • Make sure you add enough water in order to saturate the coffee grounds. Start stirring and let it drip for about 30 seconds.
  • The next step should be done slowly and in a swirling motion, where you need to pour water into the dripper, and then set the timer, and again let it continue dripping for 2-3 minutes.
  • Finally, you can remove the dripper and enjoy the first sip of your coffee.

Choose the Right Coffee Maker

And here comes the last important segment of the guide is to make sure you choose the right brewer for yourself.

Let me make you aware of the fact that picking up the right one is not a cakewalk like oh! This machine looks aesthetically very pleasing or I’ll get this one because my friend recommended it. Every coffee maker has its own uniqueness and provides you with different end results.

To make it clearer, understand like this: There are a few pour over brewers that use standard paper filters, while there are some that ask you to buy some special filters that are available online only.

Also, there are some pour over brewers that involve an ultra-careful setup and brewing process, while other machines simply need coffee grounds and water. You can choose between a Chemex, Hario Drip Pot, Kalita Wave, The AeroPress, or a Melitta-style Ceramic Coffee Dripper.

Just consider what you need from your pour over coffee maker and it will automatically make the selection process really easy.

So, here I give rest to my information regarding pour over coffee. Understanding the topic is not at all similar to climbing Mt. Everest.

Just get into the basics and keep all the important pointers in mind and make yourself the best brew in the world.

Happy Brewing!

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