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Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews – Top Picks and Reviews for 2019

If you’re also the one who move to a coffee shop just because they can offer you a new drink every day, you need to stop spending so much right now. Why?

Because now you can gift yourself a Ninja Coffee Bar that allows you to make a wide variety of drinks at the comfort of your home. Not just the variety, Ninja coffee machine also lets you control everything and quality of the coffee that makes it a versatile product for sure.

So, just change the way you usually brew your coffee at home and bring this mini coffee-house today. But the question is how do you select the right model for your kitchen? Don’t scratch your head because we have done the work for you and bring you with the top recommended Ninja Coffee Bar for 2019. Check them out.

Best Coffee Bar In Budget

Ninja Coffee Bar CF091: This coffee maker is very compact in size which is a great option for those who have small kitchen. You can brew various kind of coffee in 6 different brewing sizes. It also has a built-in milk frother.

Best Coffee Bar For Beginners

Ninja Coffee Bar CFO80Z: The great thing about this coffee machine is its one-touch IQ intelligence which makes its suitable for the beginners. Also, it has 3 different types of brews so that you can brew different types of coffee very easily with the help of its automated systems.

Best Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews

#1 Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

First in our lineup is the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 and can be considered if you’re looking for something affordable. This quite a compact model is simply awesome for those having a small kitchen area and you can prepare quality drinks for yourself every day. Even though the coffee bar is compact, it can still brew 10 cups of coffee for you at a time.

Thus, make it a product to take into consideration when it comes to big families and offices. The coffee machine can help you brew 5 different types of drinks that include café forte as well. In fact, you can also select from 6 different brewing sizes. The coffee machine comes with a built-in milk frother and a carafe with a heating element.

Although, you will miss out two features with this coffee machine i.e. control and programmable delay brew, but don’t forget the machine is wallet-friendly. All in all, the CF091 gives you a lot in exchange for what you’re paying and let you enjoy an amazing brewing experience.


The downside we found with this particular product is less control and low-temperature brewing.

#2 Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

If someone has to talk about a complete package there’s nothing better than getting the Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 and with the full package, we mean stainless carafe, in-built frother, and 5 distinctive brew options.

And not just this, but a person can choose between signature brews and custom brewing as well. What is a cup of coffee without good flavors in it? CF097 especially takes care that it can extract maximum flavor from the coffee grounds every time you brew a cup of java for yourself.

Next, we cannot leave without mentioning the flexibility of this coffee machine, where you can total control on the brew size, the method, and decide how your coffee will turn out.

Also, the intelligent control panel makes the selection process even easier and is just an apt model for those who want their mandatory cup of coffee in a single click.

In case, you’re new to the coffee world and don’t know much about different recipes, they have a wonderful recipe book as well. Lastly, it is believed that de-scaling is one of the difficult tasks with Ninja Coffee Bar, but the situation is just the opposite with this one.


The machine is quite expensive juxtaposed to other models. Also, the brewer doesn’t have the facility of stopping automatically.

#3 Ninja Coffee Bar CF112

For all those who just want a Ninja Coffee bar with single-serve and no bigger brew sizes and too many features, CF112 can be your best friend.

With this machine, you’ll be able to get coffee with 4 different brew sizes and 5 brew styles that includes café forte as well. Not to worry, if you’re hosting a small get together in the house or your friends have shown up, just turn on the carafe mode and get more coffee.

The only thing you need to do is buy a carafe. Though the coffee machine doesn’t have a thermal carafe in order to hold your coffee, that is adjustable. You just focus on the level of control you’ll get with the machine.

Also, you don’t have to spend half of your income on Starbucks because with so much quality, in-built frothing, and simple design CF112 can do everything the Starbucks store will do for you.


The only downside we feel the machine has is that they don’t provide you with the carafe. So, you need to spend a few extra bucks on the same.

#4 Ninja Coffee Bar CP301

Another coffee machine that comes with a compact design and some fantastic features like programmable brewing and can let you brew coffee with 6 different brewing sizes.

Though you cannot make yourself café forte, but that’s okay, we can make different other kinds of drinks using this beauty. And don’t miss out its glass carafe that can keep your coffee at the correct temperature.

All in all, bring this mini Starbucks at home and make yourself a quality cup of coffee. You can even use the bigger brew size if you’ve planned a movie night for your friends at home.

All we would say is enjoy the best and same quality of coffee for a long time and too that at an affordable price. Also, if you usually prefer cold beverages over the hot ones, you cannot go wrong with CP301.


The coffee machine doesn’t offer much control that might seem problematic to some of you out there.

#5 Ninja Coffee Bar CFO80Z

Last but definitely not least, this one is yet another full package and known for its simplicity. What we really love about the coffee machine is its one-touch IQ intelligence that makes the brewing process a breeze.

Also, the coffee machine lets you have control and decide how you want your coffee to be brewed. CFO80Z even allows you to select between 3 different types of brews and let us tell you that you would be missing café forte.

And don’t forget about the delay brew feature and automated systems, two of the best features that make your purchase worth it.

All in all, after comparing the product with fellow models, it was found that one can easily manage this coffee machine. Just fill in the water and get your perfect and smooth espresso shot every time.


There are a few complaints about the leaks. Also, the machine doesn’t come with a frother.

Buyer’s Guide for Ninja Coffee Bar

We understand how much you love your coffee but if you’re confused what type of coffee machine will be the right one or which machine can meet your daily needs, we have got you a brief buyer’s guide that will help you understand the things you should certainly know before picking up that right one.

  • Coffee Intake: Before you get excited about a particular product, just see the brewing capacity of the machine. Yeah, that’s really necessary because if you’re a big group or family who wants their coffee, you need to go for multi-serve ninja bar. On the other side, if you’re living alone then a single-serve machine would work.
  • Budget: Well, this is a thing that not everyone can spend an enormous amount of money on a single product. So, the solution is to make a budget and see how much you can spend on it and then make a decision. Ninja coffee bar is present for all type of budgets.
  • Design: Before you buy a machine, just check if you have enough space to keep it in your kitchen or not. Those who have a bigger kitchen won’t face many issues but if you’re planning to get a coffee bar for your office, make sure you’re picking something compact.
  • Maintenance: Yet another important factor that plays a crucial role in making a decision as you just cannot buy something and then finds it difficult or boring when it comes to cleaning. Mind you, de-scaling is quite a tough task with Ninja Coffee Bar.

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Brewing Options in Ninja Coffee Maker

Remember why a large number of people love to go with Ninja Coffee Maker is its ability to provide with a variety of recipes. These are some of the brewing options you can try out in this coffee maker.

  • The classic brew is your regular cup of joe that you usually get from the drip machine.
  • The iced brew is another drink you can prepare using Ninja Coffee Maker. And as it is quite evident from the name, you can prepare some refreshing cold recipes, no matter you want an iced tea of iced coffee.
  • The rich brew is one of the best options if you’re looking for a rich cup of coffee. Not to worry about the extra flavors added in the coffee. Ninja Coffee Bar gets your work done automatically by keeping the correct ratio.
  • Café Forte is one of the special options you won’t find with all the Ninja products. But if you have this option, just enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in your home. Believe it or not, once you start using this feature, you won’t go anywhere.
  • Specialty Brew is the option for those who have a soft corner for espresso-based drinks. You can totally control the brewing process and get the middle-flavor between cappuccino and latte.

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Important Features to look for in a Ninja Coffee Bar

So, now when you know about things to consider and type of brewing options in a Ninja Coffee Bar. Have a look at these important features as well that can make your buying process even easier.

  • In-Built Frother is one of the newest options that nowadays all the coffee machines posses and the frothing abilities include both hot and cold frothing. This feature not only makes your coffee much smoother and tastier but also gives a right blend to your milk. What else you want when a little froth can easily make your coffee more tempting and silkier.
  • One-Touch Intelligence Auto IQ is another important feature in a Ninja bar that makes it a bit handy for you to decide the size of your coffee and complete the task in a click. The machine also comes with a thermal flavor option so you can experiment with all kinds of recipes you wish. Also, this feature helps you to pour down the exact amount of water needed for your coffee.
  • The carafe comes in two types when it is about Ninja Coffee Bar. Thermal Carafe, which uses stainless steel and is mainly double-walled that helps in keeping your coffee warm for long hours. Glass Carafe is the one that comes with a warming plate and allows you to keep your drink at the needed temperature.
  • Permanent Filter is one of the components you’ll find with every Ninja coffee bar that is fitted inside the brew basket and can be used the number of times you want while making coffee for yourself.

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Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews
  • CFO91 Ninja Coffee Bar
  • CFO97 Ninja Coffee Bar
  • FO85Z Ninja Coffee Bar
  • CF112 Ninja Coffee Bar
  • CFO80Z Ninja Coffee Bar


Ninja coffee bar has provided the best range of makers with special features in each of its design. Because, we deserve a perfect blend of flavored coffee to start the day with, and Ninja is there to help you out with these designs.

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