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Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews – Top Picks and Reviews for 2019

Everyone has a routine, and for many among those, coffee is the beginning of it. Making coffee has become happening and joyful with coffee makers, as they come with various added features and automotive functionalities.

Ninja coffee Bar has a varied range with different attributes and prices which can make you confused to choose the correct one between them. So below is the sorted classification of the different Ninja coffee bar with the help of which one can easily make the decision.

Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews

#1 CFO91 Ninja Coffee Bar

This is a perfect choice for those who wish to have a coffee maker with a single and multi-serving purpose.


-A Machine has various cup sizes and brew types which is single serve and has a carafe with a glass body (Thermally insulated) which is utilized for keeping coffee hot at its accurate temperature and iced coffee colder. Also, the maker contains an intelligent warming plate that helps in keeping the coffee hotter for nearly 2 hours.

-The Warmer plate has an automotive functionality to keep the coffee warmer from 15 minutes to 4 hours. It also has a manual option for the same. There are 6 types of mug sizes available and those are Half Carafe, Full carafe, XL multi sleeve, Travel mug, XL cup, and normal cup.

– Ninja coffee bar CFO91 has an Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology which keeps the flavor of your fresh coffee intact.

-Different brews are:

  • Specialty Brew: Richer texture with a combination of frothed milk.
  • Classic Brew: Gives a balanced and a perfect flavor.
  • Rich Brew: Gives the best flavor
  • Over Ice brew: For the best-iced coffee.
  • Café Forte: Best option for different flavors.

Other features:

  • Integrated automatic frother(helps in frothing milk)
  • Automatic clean light system( It indicates when there is a need for cleaning due to excess calcium in the bar)
  • Delay brew button( helps in adding coffee with a timer when to brew)
  • Auto one-touch technology.


  1. Automatic cleaning light
  2. Has a permanent filter
  3. Frother
  4. Different mug sizes and brew types are available.
  5. Auto one-touch technology is supported making it a smarter machine.


  1. Coffee pods are not brewed.
  2. It is able to brew only the mentioned size and not anything more or less.
  3. Milk needs to steam separately as it does not have a built-in steamer.

#2 CFO97 Ninja Coffee Bar


-This type of coffee maker contains various added and advanced features such as auto brewer and an inbuilt frother. So it can be said that it is the latest and technologically advanced version of CFO85Z.

-This model is upgraded and has various newer technologies and functionalities added in it. The maker has 5 types of brew blends and those are: rich, classic, specialty, signature brew, café forte, and over ice. This coffee bar is fully made of stainless steel and is thermally insulated.

-It can include 10 cups each of 50oz of double wall carafe and 10 cups of ninja over ice carafe. It has total of 6 cups of mug sizes like XL cup, Normal size, XL multi sleeve, Travel mug, full carafe, and half carafe.

Other features:

  • It has automatic cleaning light
  • The Maker has an intelligent warming plate
  • IQ one-touch technology
  • It contains 6 mug sizes and 5 types of brews.


  1. Built-in frother
  2. Automatic cleaning light
  3. Water reservoir
  4. Auto brewer
  5. IQ one touch intelligence


  1. It is quite costly as compared to other models
  2. Brewer does not have the functionality of stopping automatically.
  3. Coffee remains hotter for a lesser time without a heating plate.

#3 CFO85Z Ninja Coffee Bar


-This ninja model is the smaller version as compare to other ninja bar versions. The coffee bar takes less amount of space on your countertops. It is famous as it is the tiny sized versions in Ninja bar range.

-This model has its own Ninja easy frother which makes it different from its remaining models. Usually, Ninja models have a built-in frother, but this particular model does not have it. This model is just a few pounds of weight, so it makes it easy to take it anywhere without many efforts.

-It contains tumbler of hot and cold each of 18oz. Like all other ninja models, this model does have one-touch auto intelligence technology which allows an accurate amount of water from the water reservoir. It has a removable water reservoir.

-The Body of the maker is made up of classic plastic. It consists of double wall stainless steel thermally insulated carafe. The body of carafe keeps it hotter for nearly 2 hours. The Permanent filter is provided in this model.

Other features:

  • It has 4 brew types such as classic, rich specialty, and over ice which allows you to make the perfect blend of coffee at home. Also, it comes with four cup sizes and those are; travel mug, cup, full carafe, and half carafe.
  • It allows you to stop the brewing process in between with its drip stop technology for the brew chamber.
  • This Ninja model also uses Thermal flavor extraction technology for the perfect flavor like all other ninja models.
  • The model provides the provision of saturation the coffee beans at the start and then brewing them, which makes it the best out of all.


  1. Smaller and pocket-friendly model.
  2. Supports thermal flavor extraction technology.
  3. It has auto IQ technology.
  4. Saturation of beans is possible before brewing.
  5. Delay brew system is provided.


  1. It does not have a built-in frother
  2. It does not have café forte
  3. Also does not include XL cup and multi-serve mug sizes.

#4 CF112 Ninja Coffee Bar


-Ninja coffee bar CF112 is the wise decision if you cannot start your day without that mandatory cup of coffee. So his type of Ninja coffee bar is a single serve coffee maker with various added features and convenient use.

-Its weight makes it a little bulky, so make it difficult to carry anywhere around. Its body is made up of the best quality plastic. It is quite pocket-friendly, so doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

-It consists of a permanent filter which can be replaced with another paper filter like all other ninja models. Brewed coffee can be stored for some time in this maker as it supports integrated scoop with brewer storage.

-It also supports thermal flavor extraction technology just like other Ninja bar models for the perfect blend of flavored coffee. The machine is also included with a multi-server hot and cold tumbler.

Other features:

  • Consists of 5 brew types like rich, over ice, classic, specialty, and café forte and 4 mug sizes are available and those are XL cup, normal cup, travel mug, and XL multi-serve cup.
  • It has a built-in cold and hot frother.
  • This model also supports Auto one-touch technology like all other Ninja models.
  • This technology helps to get the perfect amount of water from the water reservoir.


  1. Auto IQ technology
  2. Easy to use as compared to other ninja models.
  3. It is quite pocket-friendly
  4. Supports Auto IQ technology
  5. It has thermal extraction technology like all ninja models.


  1. It does not have a built-in carafe.
  2. This kind of ninja bar is quite heavy and bulky.
  3. Not useful for those who need to make a larger amount of servings.

#5 CFO80Z Ninja Coffee Bar


-If you are a coffee lover but do not wish to disturb your pocket at the same time, then this model is surely going to help you as it is quite budget friendly but does not have some features like in other higher level models. It does support Auto IQ technology and is inexpensive at the same time.

-This model is particularly designed in such a way which makes it easy to handle and operate at the same time. It includes sizes from small cups till full carafe, so it is the best one for smaller as well as larger servings.

-It might seem a headache keeping the coffee maker to you if you have a smaller countertop in the kitchen, so make sure to measure the available space before getting the one for you. Its weight is almost above 10 pounds with the body made up with best quality plastic.

-The carafe is made up of glass and is thermally insulated. For hot coffee lovers, it does come with a warming plate, which helps in keeping coffee warmer for around 2-4 hours.

-The maker has both permanent as well as paper filter, so one can use either of the two.

-This machine also supports Auto IQ technology like all other Ninja bar models. The water reservoir can be removed whenever required.

Other features:

  • It comes with 4 brew sizes such as travel mug, cup, full, and half carafe.
  • It supports drip stop feature
  • It has thermal Flavor extraction technology like all other ninja models.
  • It contains four brew types like rich, classic, specialty, and over ice.


  1. Thermal extraction technology
  2. Auto IQ technology is supported
  3. Pocket-friendly model
  4. Cleaning becomes easier as it has a removable water reservoir
  5. It includes a warming plate and insulated tumbler.


  1. It does not have coffee pods
  2. Does not have XL cup and XL multi-serve
  3. It does not have a built-in frother
Ninja Coffee Bar Reviews
  • CFO91 Ninja Coffee Bar
  • CFO97 Ninja Coffee Bar
  • FO85Z Ninja Coffee Bar
  • CF112 Ninja Coffee Bar
  • CFO80Z Ninja Coffee Bar


Ninja coffee bar has provided the best range of makers with special features in each of its design. Because, we deserve a perfect blend of flavored coffee to start the day with, and Ninja is there to help you out with these designs.

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