6 Fantastic Methods to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

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And then one day when you woke up you saw your coffee machine is broken. We know, this sounds like a short horror story, especially to those who cannot start their day without their mandatory cup of coffee.

You cannot even rush towards the nearest coffee house, after all, you need to save some time as well. Well, before you start to panic about the whole situation, let me help you out with not 1 or 2 but 6 different methods to brew coffee even when you don’t have your coffee maker.

Methods to Brew Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

Thankfully, it is possible and all you need is some basic kitchen items and hey you’re ready to sip your favorite coffee type in just a few minutes. Want to learn those ‘life-saving’ methods and how to do it? Have a look.

#1 Method: The Coffee Bag

In order to make this kind of coffee all you need is a filter and a string. You can take any sort of string but make sure it should be free of any type of coating that would melt in your drink during the process.

How you do it:

  • Start the process by adding a small portion of coffee. Put an amount that is enough for a cup and then pour it into the filter.
  • Next, you need to use a string and wrap the strainer tightly. Ensure that you leave a long part of the string and let it rest outside the cup.
  • Now, take a kettle, saucepan, or a pot and boil some water.
  • Put that filter bag you made in the beginning in an empty cup.
  • Now, add water to this cup. You got to do it very gently.
  • So, if you want a stronger coffee, let it remain there in the cup for 5-6 minutes or you can take it out after 2-3 minutes if a weaker coffee if what you prefer.
  • Once you take out the coffee filter bag, you’re ready to have your first sip.

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#2 Method: The Saucepan Method

You need to worry at all if you’re with limited supplies in the kitchen. A few basics available on the counter can help you make the best morning coffee.

How you do it:

  • In order to get started, just pour some water into the pan. Always make sure you’re adding little extra water you actually need for your coffee because you’re going to lose some when it’s boiling and to soaking into the grounds.
  • Now, start stirring the coffee grounds directly into the water. Ensure that you’re putting the same amount of water you would have put in your coffee maker.
  • Switch on the burner to medium-high and let your coffee boil. Also, don’t forget to stir the mixture occasionally so that your coffee grounds don’t get burned up at the bottom of the pan.
  • Let your coffee boil for around 2 minutes, uncovered.
  • Turn off the burner and remove your pot from the heat and let it rest for around 4 minutes. Doing this will let your coffee grounds settle on the bottom.
  • You can make use of a ladle to scoop out the coffee without the coffee grounds. A small ladle can do the job for you. But in case, you don’t have a ladle, you need to pour your coffee directly from the saucepan. Do it with great care.

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#3 Method: The Strainer Method

Oh! Your favorite coffee maker is no longer working and you don’t even have filters with you. Well, that could be one of the most heartbreaking things at the beginning of the day.

But don’t worry, we’ve got a backup for you in the form of this amazing strainer method. What you need is just a strainer with really small holes in order to stop those coffee grounds enter in your coffee mug.

How you do it:

  • First of all, just see how many cups of coffee you need and then pour down the correct amount of water into your saucepan or kettle.
  • After you add the right amount of water, add the right amount of coffee grounds you need and stir it in.
  •  Let the water boil and let it boil for around 2 minutes.
  • Now, you can remove your saucepan from the heat.
  • Take out your strainer, hold it above your coffee mug, and let the coffee pour down through it. The strainer won’t let any coffee grounds enter to your cup. Also, the method ultimately becomes a better one than the saucepan method where you need to wait for a few minutes to let the coffee grounds settle at the bottom.

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#4 Method: The Cowboy Method

Hey! Would you like to try out a traditional coffee-making method? Well, the method can be one of the best ways when you’re out for any kind of outdoor activity like for a bonfire or camping. Yeah, you can try this method at home as well. All you should have is water, coffee grounds, a pot, and a source of heat.

How you do it:

  • Take out your pot and add the correct amount of water you need for your coffee. Remember by the correct amount we mean, a little extra amount of water you would have put in a coffee maker.
  • Keep your pot on the heat source and let the water boil.
  • Now, you need to add the grounds to the simmering water. You need to add the grounds according to the type of coffee you need i.e. strong or weak.
  • Next, you need to remove the pot from the heat and leave it aside for a few minutes to rest so that the coffee grounds can get settled at the bottom of the pot.
  • Pour down your coffee into your coffee mug and enjoy every sip of it.

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#5 Method: The Hanky Method

Well, who would need those expensive Keurig coffee machines when they can brew a fantastic cup of coffee in a really cost-effective way. All you need is the basic ingredients you need for your coffee and some patience and trust us, you’re definitely going to love the end results.

How you do it:

  • Take our your coffee mug and put a hanky on the top of that and start pressing it at the center (gently) so that it can turn into a big enough pouch to hold the serving of coffee grounds.
  • Here you’re going to need some binder clips or clothespins so that you can make sure that your cloth is secure in the place.
  • Next, you need to scoop a single-cup portion of grounds into the pouch.
  • Start pouring over a small amount of hot water over the coffee grounds. Make sure you give it at least 30 seconds to soak the grounds fully.
  • Now, pour down the remaining hot water slowly and carefully. Make sure your clips don’t slip away and if so, first, adjust them and start pouring again.
  • Remove your hanky and the grounds. You’re ready to take the first sip of your favorite coffee.

#6 Method: The Instant Coffee

This is one of the easiest methods you can try. Here, all you need is instant coffee and hot water.

How you do it:

  • Take a saucepan or use a microwave or a kettle and boil the water.
  • Add 1-2 spoons of instant coffee in your empty coffee mug.
  • Once the water gets boiled, add it gently to your cup with instant coffee granules.
  • Now, you can add some sugar and cream the way you want.
  • Keep on stirring the mixture until you get a fine solution. You’re ready to drink your coffee.

If you want a coffee maker for home, so that you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee every morning you really need a good espresso machine for your kitchen.

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