Macchiato: Let’s know Everything About It

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If you’re reading this post, possibilities are quite high that you’re a coffee person or simply someone who cannot start their day without their favorite cup of java.

And if we take it or understand from the other side, there’s no doubt that coffee lovers are one of the biggest reasons why coffee shops are such a successful business in the market till now.

So, what type of coffee you anyway prefer? No matter what kind of coffee drink you love, real coffee lovers can easily spot the difference between a latte, cappuccino, espresso, or a frappuccino, but do you know a real macchiato?

Relax, if you don’t know about the same or have little knowledge of macchiato because we’ve got you covered with everything you should know about this fabulous drink.

History of Macchiato

In the earlier time, it was kind of important to discover a way in the restaurants and coffee houses to indicate which specific drink contains milk and which one don’t.

And then macchiato came into the story and was considered an excellent way to achieve this. Although the use of foam in macchiato is really common in the U.S., a latte macchiato doesn’t need it.

However, the trend has changed and now fine foam is produced using a steaming wand and cream or fine milk and foam on a Latte Macchiato is quite preferred by a large number.

Macchiato v/s Latte v/s Cappuccino

Before you have a sip of your coffee drink, you should know how and why one drink is different from the other.

Latte Macchiato: This drink is created when espresso is added to the steamed milk.

Latte: While a latte is made when steamed milk is added to the espresso.

Cappuccino: This one is made with less steamed milk in comparison to Café Latte, and much more foam.

Also, remember that this coffee beverage, Macchiato also has a mark of espresso called macchia on it.

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Selecting your perfect Java

When you need to order your Espresso Macchiato

Coffee lovers who feel that a cup of cappuccino is quite milky for them and are looking for a coffee beverage with rich and strong espresso flavor, An Espresso Macchiato is the thing for you.

Also, what makes this drink a perfect fit for your day because you’ll be having the same mind-blowing espresso flavor without the full strength of an espresso shot.

One more thing, generally, espresso macchiato doesn’t come large, so if you want more, order for a double. Thus, if you want a bigger cup and have no issues compromising on the espresso-kick, you may go for a cappuccino.

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When you need to order your Latte Macchiato

Latte Macchiato

Now, if you’re the one who loves a milky cup of coffee more than full-blown espresso coffee-beverage, or maybe you want something for your little one, Latte Macchiato will be the right choice.

A latte macchiato comes with just a pinch of the espresso flavor and more of steamed milk that makes it even smoother. In fact, if in any case, you wish to try out some flavors, a latte macchiato often comes with extra syrup added to it.

Still, if you feel like that this is also not the right thing for you, try out a warm milkshake. And if you feel it’s too weak and you don’t even like much flavors, go for a latte.

For an additional piece of information: What type of milk you should use while making a latte macchiato?

Although, steamed and frothed hot milk is used for making this fabulous latte macchiato, however, many people out there prefer cold milk for you their coffee beverage. But technically, there’s one thing you should always remember that a Cold Macchiato is called Macchiato Freddo (Marked cold) and a Hot Macchiato is called Macchiato Caldo (Marked hot).

If you ever visit an American coffee shop such as Starbucks, you’ll see that your modern style latte macchiato is made with equal parts milk and espresso, which might look like Caffe Latte.

However, the traditional making of a latte macchiato includes less steamed milk as compared to Caffe Latte.

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 How to prepare Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato 

First of all, preparing for a caramel macchiato follows the same steps your regular macchiato does. The only extra thing added to it is the vanilla flavoring that is added to the milk while steaming and topped with some caramel sauce on it.

We know many of you must be wondering why it is a caramel macchiato when vanilla flavorings play the major role. It is just because the caramel topping is more noticeable and that’s it.

How you can order your Macchiato

Ordering for a macchiato is not a tough task, it mainly depends on, from where you’re asking for your coffee beverage. If you’re heading a specialty coffee house and ask for a macchiato, chances are high that you’ll get an espresso macchiato.

And if you’re moving to a chain, you might get a cup of a latte macchiato. Also, there are high chances that you won’t see a macchiato on the café’s menu.

Just make sure the shop or café owner knows exactly what you’re asking for. And if you wish to have a smaller cup of java that can meet the needs of your day, an espresso macchiato will work.

So, that was all about you were looking about Macchiato and who knew that understanding this coffee beverage could be such a breeze?

Choose your favorite coffee drink because this coffee won’t disappoint you, especially espresso lovers.

Happy Caffeinating!

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