How To Clean Your Coffee Machine

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It is obvious that we need everything to be clean and tidy, especially when it is something related to cooking or food. You need to be extra cautious while using cooking utensils and machines as it can directly affect you or your family’s health. Things that we use on a daily basis must have that clean touch on a regular basis. The Coffee maker is one of those things which we use regularly, as we need coffee to start a new day, we recommend Nespresso machines for such usage.

Cleaning a coffee maker is not that rocket science, but cleaning it properly is important as well. There are some things which people may think not so important, but they can cause health issues and can damage coffee taste as well. Let us run through some of the important tips to clean various types of coffee makers, so that next time when you make coffee, your coffee will taste the same as it was at the very first use.

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How To Clean Your Coffee Machine

Your relation with your coffee maker

It sounds quite quirky but it is the thing which decides whether your coffee maker is due for the next cleaning or not. Some people are very particular about using various makers and machines while preparing food or beverages, but some people use them just like that. Cleaning plays a very important role in using a coffee maker daily. Cleaning can be done daily if your tight schedule permits you to do so, or it can be done weekly or bi-weekly or in the worst case, on a monthly basis. Some people find it boring to clean it, but better to do it, to avoid the worst nightmare of tasting a bad cup of coffee.

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Let us find out cleaning different types of coffee makers to keep the consistent coffee taste forever and also to make it more durable and long-lasting:

Cleaning a French Press Coffee Maker:

If you are trying to clean the French press by doing just normal stuff, and you think it is done, No it’s not! We have a better and more convenient option. You will require baking soda, a softer cloth, dish soap, taller brush.

  • Use warm water to fill it by removing the plunger and stir it to loosen down the coffee grounds. Then you can hold the maker on the sink and pour down all the water and you will see the water with all the coffee grounds and now your French press is almost cleaned and empty.
  • You can use the grounds for compost or just throw it in a dustbin. Use dish soap and a brush to remove all the oils and scars. Also, some baking soda will come for a rescue. Sprinkle some soda to remove the entire coffee residue and then rinse it well. And then dry it with a soft cloth.

You are done once you followed all the steps. Also, you can use a cloth to clean the interior of the maker if you have no time in hand, but wish to clean the maker, to keep the taste intact.

Cleaning a Drip coffee maker:

There is still a big bunch of people who prefer to use a drip coffee maker instead of using any other machine for their daily dose of coffee. Daily use requires regular cleaning, which is a must. You will require the following things to clean the drip coffee maker; vinegar, dish brush, damp cloth, and water.

  • Use the damp cloth to clean the chamber with coffee grounds. A brush is the best option to clean the dirt at the corners. Then fill the half chamber with vinegar and rest with the water. Turn on the coffee maker to brew the mixture and again fill the chamber with water and brew it again to avoid the taste of vinegar in the later coffee.
  • Clean the carafe using the soap and brush and use a damp cloth to wash out the exterior of the maker.

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Cleaning Aero press Coffee Maker:

Using an Aero press coffee maker has become famous as it has a very simple cleaning method. You use and clean the maker just like that, without putting many efforts. Use a brush, water, and dish soap.

  • The maker has the capacity the grounds pop out when you press the Aero press. If you see dirt still on the maker, then use dish soap and a brush to rinse the dirt and make it cleaner.
  • You can rinse the coffee maker after every single use and do not forget to keep a watch on the rubber gasket. Here are some budget coffee makers in the market.

There are various things that need to be taken care of while cleaning a coffee maker. Cleaning plays an important part in keeping the taste of your coffee intact and consistent. Keep brewing and cleaning as well!