Healthy Starbucks Drinks

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The Coffee itself is a healthy drink, as we all know, but not every time coffee is good for health when you drink it, though it is tasty, but not healthy at all. Few people are aware of this fact that it is possible to shed some calories after having coffee, but some people do not actually know this fact, so here are some healthy drinks which can be ordered to fulfill the cravings and having a healthier drink at the same time. Few names of the coffee which taste delicious and are healthy at the same time are:

Cold Brew:

This drink is the best for your health as it is steeped in cold water for more than 15 hours which helps it in making healthier as it is less acidic and smoother and less bitter than any other coffee drinks. The flavor of the iced coffee remains the same as it does not contain any hot water content or ice at all. Also, you can utilize milk to add some extra flavor which only contains 25 to 30 calories with some amount of sugar. Another drink is known as Cascara Cold Brew in which brown sugar and male are used which contains only 60 calories and 10 to 13 grams of sugar.

Nitro Cold Brew:

Nowadays, it has become a famous name in the market as it tastes good and looks good as well. The main features of the coffee are it does not taste bitter, no acidic substance and no alcohol is added, which makes it just like a full tummy for breakfast. It does not contain more than 60 calories and some amount of sugar. Do order it once and be a regular drinker of this drink. You can even order nitro cold brew with cream sweet in taste which contains 7 calories and 4 grams of sugar.

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Iced Coffee:

This coffee drink is quite famous during the summer season. Sweetened and unsweetened are the two ways by which one can drink coffee. The sweetened coffee drink has 60 calories and only 15 grams of sugar. The Unsweetened drink has zero calories and sugar content at all. Milk can be added which makes it only 30 calories and only 2 grams of sugar.


This coffee drink is a thing which can be done on a daily basis to start your day with. Hot water is used which create more cream to add an extra flavor. Espresso can be taken with a whipped cream which contains only 30 calories and some amount of sugar in it.
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Caffe Latte:

You can drink a latte which is healthy when you will use whole milk instead of adding more calories, as Latte is a drink which can have more than 100 calories.

Faux Chai Latte:

As compared to Chai Latte which comes with quite more sugar making it less healthy, but on the other hand, Faux Chai Latte is cost effective and healthier. One can order Grande Chai Brewed tea. This drink contains vanilla powder, milk. This coffee drink can also be served with hot milk if you want.


This drink is quite tasty and famous, but some people may drink it just like that as they are not aware of the thing. This drink can become healthy as well, by using frothed milk, hot milk or using milk with no fat content. Cappuccino contains only 60 calories and 8 grams of sugar which makes it healthier.

These drinks are healthier and tastier as well, which can help you shed some calories and still they are tasty. Go and have your healthy Starbucks drink and stay healthy always!

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