How to Make Cold Brewed French Press

Craving for a cold brewed french press? Here’s a simple method to make it at home.

Most of the people love having a cup of good cold brewed coffee, especially when it’s the time of summers. Do you hate to either go to a local coffee shop or spend $4 for every small carton of cold brew of coffee? It might have happened to you also that when you asked for a cold brewed coffee, the barista just pours hot coffee over ice, this is the worst for those who love cold brewed coffee.

There is a very simple solution to this problem that is to cold brew your coffee using a French Press. You can very easily get a French press, and we would even say that it’s the easiest process to brew your cup of coffee using the French Press.

French Press

Here is the most natural process through which you can have a cold-brewed cup of coffee using your French press:

Get your French press get started!

What’s needed?

– plastic wrap

French Press

– recycled glass bottle to put all of your delicious coffee concentrates into once you’re done

– coffee creamer (optional)

– Filtered water (you can use just tap water, but coffee is 99% water, so ya might as well use the best tasting water you can get your hands on)

– coffee: coarsely ground!!

– coffee creamer (optional)

– measuring cup

– coffee creamer (optional)

– sugar (optional)

Let’s BREW that cup of coffee!

First, you need to add about two cups of ground coffee beans to you French Press. Make sure that the grinding of the coffee beans is the size of sand rather than very finely ground beans (it shouldn’t be like powder).

Now you need to add water. It’s important to add the right amount of water to your brewed coffee because if you add too much water, the flavor of coffee will not be prominent enough. And too less of the water will make your coffee too hard. You may add about four medium cups of water to it.

Stir the mixture properly until you see that everything looks homogenous. That is, everything has formed one same color in the coffee. Ideally, this stirring should be continued for a while after it appears to give a uniform color.

Now at the last step, you need to place a plastic wrap on the top of the French Press, and with the help of a stretchy rubber band you can seal it off. This will give the right flavor to your coffee and also the time to absorb the flavor of the ground coffee in your drink.

Give it TIME and then go on to PRESS it.

There are different times that different sorts of people and websites will recommend you but the ideal time for the cold brew of your coffee should be anywhere between 12 hours to 18 hours. We have tried to brew it for 18 hours, and the coffee turned out to be on point!

We recommend you to wait patiently for this while as it’ll make your coffee worth it. Once the coffee has waited long enough, go on and press it.

Excellent cup of COLD BREWED COFFEE

You can dilute the above cup of coffee in the ratio of 1:1. That is one cup of water with one cup of coffee.

The above coffee will be strong! If you like your coffee to be a bit light, simple add more water.

We recommend you to serve your coffee with some cream over the top, sugar, and ice. It’ll make you feel empowered. Really! You can store the brewed coffee inside a glass bottle, and you’ll have the concentrate with you whenever you need to prepare your cold coffee. The coffee grinds can be used as compost in the garden.

Enjoy every bit of that cup of cold brewed coffee!

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