Use These Exotic Spices and Spice-Up the Flavor of Your Coffee

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Hey Folks! Having a good time with your morning cup of coffee? Hey, what’s that, are you still having your same old coffee and cream combination? Well, I guess you don’t believe in the term ‘Creativity’, is that so?

If it is then we would recommend expanding your horizons and give your taste buds something new with some of these exotic spices. The process of doing so is really easy and fun as you simply need to grind them with your coffee beans and it’s done.

And if you wish to know what spices you could use, here’s the list for you. Try out any of these (actually, if possible, all of them) and see if it can bring any difference to your regular morning cup of java.

But first if you want to enjoy these marvelous flavors of spices in your coffee you should have a good coffee maker at your home.

Spices To Step Up Your Coffee Flavor

Just use these spices in your daily coffee and see the magic as it just not only increase the flavor of your cup of joe but also make your coffee more healthy.

Vanilla Extract

Those who simply love having a creamy cup of coffee but hate adding up more calories to their bodies should go with the vanilla extract. A little bit of extract and it can go a long way.

All you need to do is add one bean to your coffee grounds while involving in the brewing process and it’s done. The longer bean you add in your coffee the stronger vanilla flavor you’ll get.

In case, you’re not available with the beans, you can add 2-3 drops of it to the pot, and if you want to enhance the flavor, even more, add 1 drop in the mug as well. Lastly, make sure you’re getting pure and real flavorings for your coffee.

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Cocoa Nibs

For those who don’t know this already, the cocoa nibs are present out there even before they were turned into rich and sweet chocolate bars. Talking about these fermented and dried beans, they are a bit crunchy, you can slightly chew them, and they taste nuttier, or we should say less creamy than a piece of dark chocolate.

To enjoy this chocolaty flavor, you should add ½ tsp of these beans (for 2 cups of coffee) and your favorite coffee beans together in the coffee grinder. You’ll definitely love this mild chocolaty flavor of your coffee that somewhat tastes like mocha.

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Well, if you don’t want to indulge in any sort of elbow grease, adding cinnamon to your cup of coffee is the easiest and tastiest way to add a new flavor to it. To add a little extra information to your knowledge bank, Cinnamomum Tree’s bark is the source from where you get this amazing spice.

Also, it is said that cinnamon contains the highest amount of antioxidants juxtaposed to any other spice, and even enhance your immune system. What else you need when a spice is not just beneficial for your taste buds but your health as well?

What you need to do is, add the cinnamon stick to the pot and the hot coffee will itself extract the fantastic flavors or you can simply add a dash of it to your coffee.

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A lot of people out there just love this combination of cardamom and coffee, thanks to its unique aroma and flavor that enhance the regular flavor of their coffee.

Also, this combo is even loved by the chai lovers as this spice gives them a feel of that drink too. And adding up this spice can be the best thing to have on a cold morning. You can add a pod or two grounds to your coffee beans and it can provide you with plenty of flavors to 2 mugs of coffee.

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Another spice, which is basically, added to a cup of chai to boost its flavor and can also be added to your favorite cup of coffee. So, in case, you’re out of cardamom, ginger can be the one.

In fact, those who have a soft corner for gingerbread will surely love this option. One can even use it and serve their drink as a seasonal thing to their loved ones.

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 To make this unique coffee beverage, you need to add a few slices of ginger to the coffee beans before you start brewing it. And in case, you don’t have fresh ginger on your kitchen counter, 1-2 tbsp of ginger powder can also work.

You are definitely going to love this spice if you anyhow love the flavor of earthiness in your drinks or a dish. And if so, the freshly crumbled nutmeg can be the right option for you, because it gives you a hint of earthy sweetness to your coffee.

You’ll not feel any special kind of taste in it, it is just the smell of it that is so exotic and inviting. Also, it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to see how much you need to add in your coffee mug, you can do some experiments and we’re sure, by the time you’ll get to know the correct measurements.

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Are you looking for a great drink for your springtime break? Well, you don’t have to because you can transform your favorite coffee drink into one by just adding this wonderful spice, lavender to it.

The spice not only makes your drink darker and stronger but also ends up with an amazing floral taste. All you need to do is add some dried lavender to your coffee beans, grind them, and start the brewing process.

Lastly, make sure you don’t add a lot to your coffee beans because then you’ll end up with a soapy flavor.

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Star Anise

If you wish to add a Licorice-like boost to your cup of coffee, Start Anise can be the star of your favorite cup of Joe. If you’re making just a cup for yourself, half a pod would be enough and can go well with your favorite coffee beans that also end up with a root beer-like flavor. Ah! Sounds interesting, right?

And in case, you don’t like this anise flavor too much, try adding 1-2 cardamom pods to it that might taste better to you.

So, here’s the list of spices you can add in your coffee and try something new every single day.

Happy Brewing!

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