20 Easy Ways You Need To Know To Improve Your Coffee

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Coffee has becomes such a popular drink around the world that many people have even started to believe that it is one of the healthiest drinks out there. In fact, some of them even say that the drink is by far the best antioxidant to their daily diet.

But coming to the main point, the rest of them still have queries and questions regarding why their coffee go stale or why they are experiencing a different taste after a few brews and so on. We believe it is because you’re not brewing it in the way it should be.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Coffee

Here we are with 20 easy ways you need to know before you get into the process and can help you improve your coffee.

Move Out And Find That Local Roaster

The very first thing you need to keep in mind is to find one good local roaster because they’ll be providing you with the best and fresh coffee. And the best part is that coffee will be a thousand times better than what you’ll get at a grocery store.

In fact, if you’re local roaster is brilliant enough in the coffee department, they can even help you in selecting the best coffee according to your taste buds.

In the case Of No Local Roaster…

Well, if you cannot find a good local roaster near you, take help of Mr. Google and search out for some good sites that can introduce you to the best roasters around or see if they can also ship your favorite coffee to your home.

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Buy The Right Amount Of Coffee You Actually Need

What do you expect when it comes to your favorite coffee drink? Of course, its taste, flavor, and that aromatic smell, right? So, always remember that you should buy enough coffee for one or maybe two weeks.

Now, why we are asking you to do so?  It is because even your whole bean coffee can also go stale after 2 or 3 weeks it is roasted.

Storing The Coffee Properly Is Important

We have been telling this to you again and again that your coffee can go stale after a few weeks, thus it becomes important to store it in the right way.

The reason being, if the coffee is not stored properly it can go stale even quicker. So, what you need to do is store your coffee in a dry, dark, and cool area, and would be even better if stored in an air-tight container.

How about freezing your coffee?

Well, we know you must be wondering is that really possible? It is, only if you keep a bag of coffee that is not opened yet and keep it in the freezer.

But remember once you open the bag, do not, I repeat do not keep it back in there because then it will let in moisture and the mandatory aroma will go out and can make your coffee bad.

Clean Water Is The Next Crucial Thing

Have you ever tried drinking water directly from the faucet? Sounds really gross, right? Do not even try that. Well, it is always suggested to use a water filter. Never think of saving your time, whereas using a water filter and experience the best tasting coffee.

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Whole Bean Coffee Is What We Recommend

Do not think about any other thing, head towards the market and pick that pack of whole bean coffee. Do not make a mistake of forgetting this important pointer and also make sure you’re not picking up pre-ground coffee.

The reason behind the same is that when you grind your coffee beans, it starts to lose its exotic flavor and goes stale after just 15 minutes.

Do you have that Coffee Grinder?

Since we have suggested going for whole bean coffee, now what will you need the next is a coffee grinder to grind those beans. And should we come up with a pro tip?

After you buy your grinder, never act lazy and always grind those beans before you start the brewing process. Never think of completing the grinding task in one go. Do a little elbow grease and grind every time you brew your coffee.

A Better Coffee Grinder

So, when you have decided that you’re going to get a coffee grinder, do a bit extra research and get the best quality coffee grinder. Well, if you’re on a budget, a cheap blade grinder can do the job for you, but once you grind your beans with a quality burr grinder, you’ll definitely experience a difference in the taste.

The problem with the blade grinder is that it cannot grind the beans uniformly along with a bit of burnt taste to your grounded beans.

Cleaning The Coffee Grinder Is A Must

The importance of cleaning your coffee grinder on time is that a dirty grinder can directly affect the brew as it contains all kinds of oils and remaining of beans inside it. Wondering how to get done with the clean-up job? Use rice and clean your coffee grinder with great ease and quickly.

Right Grind Is The Key To Great Coffee

If you’re developing your taste in coffee, you need to remember that not just one kind of grind is perfect for every type of coffee drink. To give you quick, easy, and crisp information, if you want to make espresso shot for yourself then fine grind would do the best job, for a cup of drip coffee a medium grind is simply perfect, and for a French press, you should go with a coarse grind.

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Why Not Try A Chemex?

So, you’re already a coffee lover. On the same side, you’re looking for a change or should we say adventure in your daily routine. Well, if it is so then you need to try a Chemex. Have you ever tried it earlier? This helps you get the best flavors, a smooth sip, and even looks aesthetically pleasing.

How About An Aeropress?

If you want to start your day with one best and great tasting cup of coffee, but don’t know how to get it, it’s high time you need to get an Aeropress for your kitchen counter. Go and grab one.

Just Clean Your Coffeemaker

If you just love your Drip Keurig Coffee Maker and can’t get started out without it then show some more love and clean your coffeemaker at least once in a while. In fact, it won’t take much of your time. Have some water and vinegar and clean it.

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Boiling Your Coffee Is Not The Right Thing

You must know that using boiling water can be really hot for your coffee grounds that might even change the top-notch coffee beans into a bitter brew.

Check, Is Your Coffee Still Sitting In The Coffee Pot?

Just brew the amount you actually need. Make sure you do not leave your coffee in the pot after you’re done pouring your coffee into the mug, especially if it comes with a heat plate.

A coffee pot with a heat plate can cook the coffee even more. And even if it doesn’t have one, the coffee can go stale after some time and can lose its flavors in the next hour.

Never Re-Use The Coffee Grounds

If you’re one who is doing it (re-using the grounds), you need to stop it right away. And if you’re the one who believes re-using the grounds is saving you money, then I am sorry you need to clear this misconception.

Measuring Coffee Is Vital

And here comes another important thing you need to consider is that you should measure your coffee so that you know that you’re using the correct (close enough) amount of coffee.

How About A Travel Mug?

We know there are a number of people out there who cannot live without their coffee even when they are traveling. So, get a great travel mug that should not leak and also can keep your coffee hot for enough time.

And if you like your coffee to be fresh even when you are travelling, then you must invest in a Good French Press.

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