Do Lattes have Espresso in Them? All You Need To Know

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Coffee is a popular drink throughout the world. With its range of options, there is a drink suitable for each and every coffee lover’s palate. Because of the different types and preparation methods available, there are also a lot of questions around this caffeinated drink. This article answers and discussed one such question in depth. Read on to know more.

Do Lattes have Espresso In Them?

The answer is yes.

A typical sized latte is a single shot of espresso, which is mixed with about 6-8 ounces of steamed milk, sometimes topped with milk foam.

Do Lattes have Espresso?

Lattes are popular worldwide and are known by different names in various countries. Moreover, most coffee shops offer a list of variations when it comes to a latte- like the flat white or iced latte. So, whatever your taste may be, there is perhaps a latte just right for you.

Latte – Its Origin and Variations

The word latte has its origin in the Italian word caffe a latte or caffellatte which essentially means milk and coffee. Though the drink has its roots in Europe, it is more popular in the US. The mellow sweet taste with the kick of caffeine makes it the perfect ‘wake-me-up’ drink for the Americans.

Variations of the Latte is available in other places and are known by different names. For example, while ordering a latte in a Spanish speaking country, one has to order for a cafe con leche and in France, it becomes cafe au lait. Essentially these all are the same drink known by different names.

So what is Espresso?

An espresso is a method of preparing coffee in its purest form. Ground coffee is packed into a ‘portafilter’ and water at high pressure is passed through these grounds to extract coffee as a concentrated shot. A single shot of espresso is one ounce. A double shot is extracted by using twice the amount of coffee grounds and is 2 ounces. In addition to these two common espresso sizes, there are two more. A Ristretto or a short shot is the first 3/4th ounces of extraction and is favored as many coffee aficionados as the best espresso shot. Whereas a Lungo or a long shot is 1 & 1/2 ounces of extraction.

what is Espresso?

Europeans prefer espresso as their choice of caffeinated drink. While in America, versions like a latte where pure coffee is diluted with milk are more consumed. At the end of the day, it is a matter of preference of taste.

Making a Perfect Latte

As mentioned, the usual latte is a single shot of espresso mixed with 6 to 8 ounces of steamed milk. It can be topped with some foamed milk to add to the visual appeal. While a cappuccino also uses milk foam and steamed milk, it is different from a latte in that a cappuccino uses more foamed milk than steamed milk. A latte without the topping of milk foam is known as a flat white. An iced latte, on the other hand, is espresso mixed with chilled milk served over ice.

The key to the perfect latte not only lies in the preparation process but also in the quality of the ingredients used. Needless to say, the espresso used in preparing the latte dictates the quality of the drink. Using espresso extracted from premium-roast coffee grounds results in a rich taste and the latte, in that case, will give the desired caffeine boost to take you through your busy mornings.


The consumption of lattes as the drink of choice is widespread. And to answer the question -“Do lattes have espresso in them?” it can be said that not only there is espresso in a latte but in fact, the espresso is what gives it the distinctive kick that most people love about this drink. Talking about lattes will be incomplete without discussing the more modern phenomenon of ‘latte art‘. This is essentially artwork created on the drink with the froth from steamed milk and is indeed a difficult feat achieved by baristas. The espresso is added to the cup first in this process and then the steamed milk is slowly poured in. Once the milk froth rises to the top, more steamed milk foam is put in the coffee in the form of various patterns like a fern leaf or a heart symbol. This definitely adds to the aesthetic appeal of the drink.