The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso

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So, you’re a coffee person and believe that you know almost everything about your favorite drink. You even know the differences between the types of coffee, like between coffee and espresso.

Fine, but do you actually have any idea how and why both these coffee drinks are different? I know some of you out there might even be thinking was it not espresso coffee?

Well, that’s true, it’s not the same thing and to make it a bit easier for you in the beginning, just keep in mind that not all espresso is coffee, but not all coffee is espresso.

5 Difference Between Coffee and Espresso

Now, here’s everything in the form of detailed information to make you understand how and what makes espresso different from a cup of coffee. And here we go.


Whenever it comes to the difference between an espresso and coffee, the preparation of both the drinks comes on the top of the list that really creates a difference.

With any other method of brewing, you need to give proper time because the process depends on the slow filtering of hot water through the coffee grounds. That clearly means that you’re several minutes away from your favorite cup of java.

While on the other hand, for an espresso shot, the espresso machines forces and shoot near boiling water via your finely ground coffee beans that are packed into cakes.

All in all, the entire process of preparing a cup of espresso gives you a richer, aromatic, and a strong shot of coffee full of caffeine in no more than 30 seconds. Well, there’s no need for any fancy coffee machine and makes preparing your coffee much easier and more perfect.

Lastly, if you want you can learn how to prepare an exotic cup of espresso without an espresso machine. Just keep in mind that it will ask you to extra elbow grease.

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Coffee Grounds

After the preparing method, the size of coffee grounds is the next main thing that creates a difference between both the drinks. Arabica is the type of coffee beans to enjoy the better flavor.

And it is usually recommended to go for fresh and medium to dark coffee grounds since espresso is a rich and concentrated coffee drink. While, on the other hand, a cup of coffee is prepared from light-medium-dark roasts, ending up with great flavors.

Also, you’ll see differences in the grind: medium coarse grounds are generally used in a cup of coffee so that the water can flow freely through it.

Whereas, fine grounds are used for espresso so that more surface area can come into contact with the water. All in all, while comparing both the drinks in terms of volume, espresso comes ends up with stronger flavor and greater concentration.  

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Caffeine Amount

Well, generally people believe that espresso contains more caffeine content, but actually, it depends on how much you’re consuming. To make it clearer for you, on an average a cup of drip coffee comes with more caffeine amount juxtaposed to a shot of espresso.

Usually, an 8oz cup of coffee comes with 85-185 mg of caffeine (approximately), whereas ~ 1 oz shot of espresso comes with caffeine content somewhere from 40 to 75.

All in all, it’s true that espresso comes with more caffeine amount per ounce, but if we compare like this: one shot of espresso v/s one cup of coffee, the caffeine amount remains still less (in espresso shot).

Of course, the amount increases if you’re a diehard lover of espresso and consume more than the average recommended shots every day.


A number of people who don’t know the exact reasons why there’s a difference between an espresso and coffee assume that it is the taste that creates a difference. Talking about espresso drink, it has a roasty and complete exotic flavor, which is quite bolder than a cup of coffee.

Also, if you ask a true espresso lover they would say that the paper filter, which is used to brew regular drip coffee wear away some flavor from the coffee grounds, thus end up with a different taste.

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Those who’re not a coffee person would agree that one of the reasons why don’t prefer coffee is the bitter taste it has. The bitterness is okay to some extent for some and especially desirable for espresso lovers.

If you’re going with Robusta coffee beans it will end up with a bitterer flavor as compared to Arabica beans that end up with well-balanced bitterness and gives you complete flavor.

Whereas, if you love the sweetness the more then coffee is the thing for you, which is quite mild and smooth.

Final Words

So, now you know and have an idea what actually makes coffee different from espresso, and we guess now you can easily decide which drink to go with.

If you’re the one who prefers bolder and darker tasting brew, go with an espresso. And if you want a gamut of variety in taste, go with a cup of coffee. In fact, if you’re the one thinking, “Why not both”? Just add espresso to your coffee and believe it or not, but it’s the best kind of drink you can have.

Happy Caffeinating!

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