Difference between Cappuccino and Macchiato

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Cappuccino and Macchiato are the two different names with the same rhythm. Of course, taste is the first thing that can be noticed but before that, there are few things that differentiate these two drinks such as the foam stuff, and the making process as well. Every drink has particular measurements which decide how is it going to taste good, better or the best. Cappuccino and Macchiato can also be differentiated by their preparing style, measurements, foam style, and taste at last, but now there are many coffee machines which can make both, you can check Keurig coffee makers as well as ninja coffee machines for the same. So, the difference is here:


People who are fonder of milk than coffee prefer to order a cappuccino. The beginning of cappuccino happened in Italy and the main attraction of this drink is its Foam. There are two choices you can have while you order this drink. One is microfoam, with the small bubbles on the top, and another is bone-dry foam, with the airy and bigger bubbles as compared to microfoam.

People find it tastier and amazing to their eyes as it is served with that yummy froth on the top. This froth can be made with a beautiful design, cinnamon, or just with a chocolate powder dusting.

The texture of the froth can also be differently made, such as it can be either velvety or smooth and on the other hand, it can be dry just like the bone-dry foam we discussed earlier.

The coffee ratio or measurement for cappuccino can be taken as below:

  • 1/3 Milk Foam
  • 1/3 Espresso
  • 1/3 steamed Milk

This combination will result in a delicious and your choice cappuccino. People who love milky things rather than a strong flavor of coffee, usually order a cappuccino to fulfill their coffee craving and milky taste both at the same time.

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The name itself suggests the ratio of milk and espresso in the macchiato. The meaning of Macchiato in Italian is spotted, whereas this same drink is called in Portugal is called by the name Café Pingado which means a coffee with just a small drop. The coffee does have the foam stuff but it is basically a thin layer which is prepared just to praise the espresso flavor more in the drink. Espresso is the thing which is in the limelight in this type of drink so it is important to utilize only the best quality beans for Macchiato.

If you are a lover of stronger coffee flavor and not the milky one, then this drink is the perfect choice for you. This drink tastes stronger as compared to Cappuccino or even any other coffee drinks. It contains more espresso and just a tiny part of the milk in it.

Various coffee drinks like cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, Latte can be differentiated even with the foam style prepared on the top and not just the taste. It is common that everything that we are going to eat or drink must pleasure your eyes then your nose, and then it goes in your mouth. The same is with the coffee, that awesome looking froth and espresso-style amaze your eyes and the aroma tempts to have it, and then the perfect ratio of milk, froth fulfills the craving of the coffee in just one sip. Now as you know the difference, you can actually enjoy the great flavor and the appearance of the two drinks. Keep coffying!

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