How to Choose Between a Burr and Blade Grinder

Need a new grinder? Have you decided on the type yet? If not here’s everything you need to know about 

A nice warm cup of coffee is loved by all. The day that starts with a perfect cup of coffee goes well. If you’re struggling to wake up then also this is the best solution.

There’s a study which shows that if any person is putting in more than $6 or a pound, then the person will tend to prefer and buy a good coffee grinder to go with it.

Coffee Beans

In this article, we will discuss the difference between the primary Burr and Blade grinder. You can read on and decide for you which one is the best suited for you:

#1 : Blade Grinder

A blade grinder is a classic grinder which is cheaper in cost that is, about $20-$30 each. There are classic blades in it which coffee beans are ground. The size of the beans depends upon the time of grinding.

Cons of blade grinder

The negative side of this type of grinder is that the coffee beans hence ground with it end up unevenly ground having some coarse and some finely ground beans. If you are into the traditional drip style of coffee making then this is the right choice for you.

A Blade grinder is not suitable for making an espresso as the beans are not evenly ground. The unevenness of the grind makes this style grinder less suitable for making espresso. An even, consistent blend of beans gives good taste to an expresso.

#2 : Burr Grinder

Burr coffee grinders are the type of grinders which are inspired from old school methods of a perfect coffee brewing. You have the choice of customizing your brewed coffee with Burr grinders. There are 2 plates inside a Burr grinder which are having very sharp edges.

These 2 plates are called Conical and Flat Burr respectively. These edges rotate relative to each other. While on plate rotates, the other one remains stationary. Both the blades are connected to each other. Both the plates differ in size. This helps in getting a uniform and consistent grind for all the beans.

#3 : Conical burrs

These are the most used variety of domestic burr grinder and this type is the less expensive of two types. This grinder rotates in a slower pace than the flat grinders. This ensures that the original aroma of the brewed coffee is intact.

This also is further divided into inner ring burr and an outer ring burr. This driver is best suited for French Press, drip and percolator types of coffee machines.

#4 : Flat burrs

These are mostly used at homes and small grinders intended for personal use. This also consists of 2 plates in which the 2 plates are placed one on top of the other.

It is usually made by the use of steel or ceramics on a large scale. There are many models in which you ca adjust the 2 plates by moving it up or down to tune its consistency according to your preference.

Some types of grinders are available which have the looks of burr grinders but are actually just the cheap mills and grind the coffee beans very unevenly, hence inconsistent. These are good only for the auto and drip coffee brewers. Our recommendation is to not prefer it. Use for only when you do not have any other option.


We hope by all these choices and explanations, you will be able to distinguish the type of coffee grinder you like for that perfect cup of that brewed coffee. There are many types of portable and small-sized French press that you can use on vacations. For sure take your time and learn to develop the habit of brewing that perfect coffee.

Learn more in detail in the video guide below