5 Signs you’re hooked to coffee and can’t live without it

Caffeine addiction isn’t something new and unlike most drug addictions isn’t exactly dangerous to health or life threatening either but that thought of needing a substance to function right may not be the best feeling either and being addicted to caffeine is easier than you’d imagine.

So how do you know if you’re addicted? Here are the signs to watch out for.

Missing the early morning cup gets your head banging

If the first thing you wake up to the soothing aroma of the coffee, dealing with an agonizing headache is the worst thing on days you miss it. It’s actually a withdrawal symptom and according to experts is experienced by more than 50%-60% of coffee lovers on days they skip their early morning cup of joe.

This is mainly because of the variation in blood flow to and from the brain. To be precise, lack of caffeine heightens blood flow.


Missing it makes you a grumpy a**

Have you ever been in one those moods where you simply hate everything and anything after waking up? Is the reason not getting your coffee dose early morning? Well then yes you’re addicted.

This is because caffeine stimulates the dopamine receptors aka the pleasure center of your mind and not getting the daily dose means the body now the body depends on the regular functioning to do so which then results in the grumpy and irritated mood.

It hampers your concentration

Have you ever felt lethargic or experienced a ‘brain fog’ at work without coffee? Concentration and alertness are important to succeed and for any coffee addict even getting out of bed may seem impossible on days the coffee goes missing.

Lack of focus or lethargy occurs because caffeine provides an adrenaline boost which in turn helps with better focus and alertness.

Your coffee intake has increased significantly

Be it coffee, tea, drugs or even food, the more the intake the more your body grows tolerant to it and thus to feel the satisfaction you did before you need to increase your consumption.

Is one cup of coffee not enough to wake you up anymore? Do you not feel the same alertness or focus like before? If yes, what do you do, face the withdrawals or just give in to your cravings?

Thought of giving it up scares you

Goodbyes are tough, especially to things you love or in this case addicted to and often tend to freak us out. So don’t give up just yet but instead slowly cut back your consumption.

Coffee, as compared to many other beverages, is healthier when consumed in the right amounts and thus not something we’d recommend you give up on completely. Experts recommend 8 ounces. Understand your body and if needed get expert help.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms