How to Brew Filter Coffee

We can give you one of the best cups of coffee that you ever had. There is a famous café where we happen to have had a cup of fantastic coffee. This coffee was prepared by the method which is called “The Pour Over Method.”

This method gives your coffee a robust and smooth flavor, that too without any acidity. It is not difficult for to do it at home. Try it out!

On an average, anyone drinks a cup of coffee per day. It’s obvious if there are complex coffee equipment which crowds the counter it’s not a good thing.

Adding to the trouble for a cup of coffee if your gear requires specially ordered filters that are a big turn off. If all the above sounds much like you, this pour-over method is perfect for you.

Filter Coffee

The following method should be taken with a pinch of salt. Because some of the ‘experts’ might disagree with about the details. We recommend you to measure your grains and grind them thoroughly if you’re not a trained by barista. Many people don’t prefer to follow the advice circular pouring motions.

The things that you need:


  • Roasted coffee beans: 28 grams or 1 ounce
  • Cold water: filtered if possible


  • A coffee cup
  • A single-cup paper coffee filter
  • Coffee grinder
  • An electric scale
  • A single-cup drip coffee cone (see product link below)
  • A measuring cup


Setting up Equipment and boiling water– First, the kettle should be filled with cold water and let it boil.

Take the paper filter and make it to a conical shape and put it inside the cone. After that rinse this paper with the tap water or drinking water as per your choice (doesn’t make any difference). This step helps the coffee filter easily, and any taste of the filter is not retained in your drink.

Now for the next step put this cone in a measuring cup and put the whole setup on the electric scale. For warming up the ceramic of your cup, put hot water in it and set it aside.

Grinding of the Coffee– Now this is one of the most important steps. For you to correctly grind the coffee, you should understand that the coffee beans are done grinding once it attains the shape of the grains of the sand. Many people grind it too much, and it becomes powder. Once you grind the coffee beans, put it into the filter and make sure that the scale is at zero.

Blooming of the Coffee– Use a circular motion to pour 60 grams of hot water into the coffee beans which are once ground. The circular motion ensures that the ground beans becomes evenly saturated. This step is also critical as it allows you a cup of coffee to have an excellent flavor. Allow it to sit for 1 or 1,5 minute.

Coffee should be continuously brewed after that – Once it has settled for a moment, it is then required to add more water till it reaches the weight of 415 grams in total. There is a scale which shuts off 355 grams as it has the maximum weighing capacity of 355 grams.

If it is the case, you might have to do it again. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should pour the stream of hot water directly on the grounds of the coffee beans.

Wait till it gets filtered– The average time coffee takes to get filtered two-two and a half minutes. Once the coffee stops to drip from the filter, consider that your coffee is made and ready to have. Pour the cup of your perfectly brewed coffee and enjoy all its glory!

And if you’re still confused here’s what you need to do


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