Top 5 Best Water Kettle for French Press Coffee Reviews in 2020

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Do you have a French press but are in need of a good water kettle for boiling water? Then you have probably looked online and seen all the various options available. However, with so many options it can be tough to decide on the best water kettle for a French press. So, we have narrowed down a list of the top 5 so that you can make a final decision and get the best product without delay.

Best Water Kettle for French Press: Our Picks

1. COSORI Electric Kettle Review

COSORI Electric Kettle Glass Hot Water Boiler & Tea Heater with LED Indicator Inner Lid & Bottom, Auto Shut-Off&Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free,1.7L, Black

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This Cosori water kettle is a highly-rated option that has proven its worth to its customers. With its LED lights and shut-off protection, it’s a jam-packed kettle.

Blue LED Light Indicator

This Cosori water kettle comes with a blue LED light indicator that lets you know that the kettle is on and boiling water. The light will turn off when the water has reached the max temperature so that you know when to your hot water is ready to pour.

Fast Heating

This water kettle works quickly and efficiently with the water heating to its max temperature within 3 to 7 minutes so that you can get the boiled water that you need to use your French press right away.

Wide Mouth

This option comes with a wide mouth and spout that makes it easy to pour more liquid at once for larger French presses. The wide mouth also makes it much easier to clean because it is wide enough to be able to scrub effectively and make sure that rust doesn’t build up.

Shut-Off Protection

This option comes with shut-off protection that turns off the kettle 30 seconds after the boiling cycle is done so that it won’t stay on and continue to heat the water. This keeps the temperature of the outside cooler, and it keeps the electrical parts from overheating from overuse.


  • Comes highly rated with many positive customer reviews
  • LED light indicates when it is in use and when it’s done
  • Heats the water quickly between 3 to 7 seconds
  • Wide mouth for easy pouring
  • Shut-off protection for added assurance


  • Larger than other options so it may be an issue for those with small counter space
  • Has plastic in the lid, not mentioned in the description

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2. Miroco Electric Kettle Review

Miroco Electric Kettle

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This Miroco electric kettle has many great features that make it one of the best. With its temperature control and quickly boiling, this option is great for anyone that needs to be out the door fast. 

Temperature Control

This kettle comes with 6 pre-set temperatures so that you can get the perfect heat with whatever you are making.

Keeps Water Warm

This option will keep your boiled water warmed for up to 30 minutes after the heating cycle is over so that you can add more water to your French press, or use it for multiple drinks at the same time.


The materials that this item is made out of are all BPA-free and safe for the whole family to use. This allows your water to be free of any contaminants and makes it safe enough to use for infant meals.

Touch Panel

This option also comes with an easy to use touch panel that allows you to control all the settings, and turn the kettle on and off, with the simple press of your finger.


  • 6 pre-set temperatures for a choice of settings
  • Keeps water warmed for 30 minutes after boiling cycle
  • BPA-free for safety even with infant meals and beverages
  • Touch control panel for easy use
  • Comes highly-rated with many positive customer reviews


  • Durability is in question due to some negative customer feedback
  • Although BPA-free the lid does contain plastic, some customers were unhappy with this

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3. Breville BKE820XL Kettle Review

Breville BKE820XL IQ Kettle, Brushed Stainless Steel, 7.5 Cups

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This Breville option can be called one of the best water kettles for a French press because of its 1500-watt power and its large 2-quart kettle. This premium item comes with innovative technologies that keep up with the times and gives you the fastest heating times. 

Pre-set Brewing Temperatures

This Breville kettle comes with 5 pre-set brewing temperatures so that you can choose exactly how hot you need your water.  Boiling water for tea or coffee, or heating water for warm baby formula, you can do it all.

Push-Button Control Panel

This unit has a directional base with a push-button control panel that includes all settings and temperatures, and it also has a hold-temp button that will keep the water at a set temperature for 20 minutes.

1500-Watts of Power

This unit holds a lot of power in its compact frame with a total of 1500-watts. This allows the water to be heated quickly and to the exact temperature every time.


  • 2-quart kettle for more liquid
  • 5 pre-set temperatures for easy setting choices
  • Push-button control for easy use
  • 1500-watts for better heating power
  • Comes highly rated with many positive customer reviews


  • Price is higher than other options due to its premium status
  • Warranty doesn’t extend to replacement products

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4. COSORI Electric Kettle 1.8 Qt Review

COSORI Electric Kettle, 1.8 Qt Double Wall 304 Stainless Steel BPA Free Hot Water Boiler Auto Shut-Off and Boil-Dry Protection, Cordless, ETL/CETL Approved, Black, 1.8Qt

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This Cosori electric kettle is the best water kettle for a French press because it has a double-wall stainless steel boiler that is built to last, and it has added safety features with it shut-off and boil-dry protection. 

Auto Shut-Off

This unit comes with the technology that enables the kettle to automatically shut off within 20 seconds of the water fully boiling so that the electrical unit doesn’t overheat.

Wide Mouth

This option comes with a wide mouth and spout that enables you to pour more liquid easily and also makes cleaning easier because you can get into the spout to scrub it without difficulty.

Double-Wall Construction

This water kettle has a double-wall stainless steel construction that helps to insulate the water as it heats to boil faster, and it retains heat better to keep your water warm.


  • Auto shut-off safety for overheating protection
  • Wide mouth and spout for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Double-wall stainless steel construction for insulation and heat retention
  • Comes highly rated with many positive customer reviews
  • Boil-dry protection that turns of when water is not inside


  • The lid may not be as durable as the rest of the unit
  • Negative reviews from some customers about a plastic smell

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5. Miroco 1.5L Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel Kettle Review

Electric Kettle, Miroco 1.5L Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel BPA-Free Cool Touch Tea Kettle with Overheating Protection, Cordless with Auto Shut-Off

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This Miroco product is one of the best water kettles for a French press due to its double-wall stainless steel construction and overheating protection. Families that are looking for a cost-effective and efficient option, this is a great choice.

Double-Wall Construction

This unit’s double-wall stainless steel construction is durable and uses very little plastic, which is BPA-free so that you get better heat retention, faster heating times, and safe drinking water for the whole family.

Easy Access Spout

This option features a wide mouth and spout that is wider than other options so that it is easier to pour more liquid at a time. This also makes cleaning the spout easier because you can reach the inside to scrub it.

Fast Boiling Times

This kettle has fast heating times that allow you to boil the full 1.5-liter container in only 6 or 7 minutes. This makes boiling large amounts easier for multiple cups.


  • Double-wall construction for better heat retention
  • BPA-free plastic so it is safe for your family
  • Easy access spout for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Fast boiling times for large amounts of water
  • Comes highly rated with many positive customer reviews


  • Bottom of kettle may be susceptible to rust
  • May be too loud for some while in use

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Must-Have Features of a French Press Water Kettle: Buyer Guide

If you have been looking for a water kettle to use with your French press, then you may find that there are too many options to choose from. This could make many of them blend together when looking at multiple online, but there are a few things that will help you narrow down your options to a manageable amount.

So, here are the must-have features of a great French press water kettle:

Durable Build

The materials that the product is made of matters a lot. You wouldn’t want to buy a premium-priced unit only to find out that it is made from cheap plastic. So, you want to make sure that you check the materials that it is constructed with so that you get a product of good quality.

Common materials that many are made of are stainless steel, which will allow the item to be long-lasting and retain heat better. Other quality materials include borosilicate glass for options that are transparent, and it will retain heat well and resist scratching.

Safety Features

When dealing with heat, it is important to have safety features in place to keep the unit from overheating or causing an electric issue. So, features like automatic shut-off that prevents overheating, or boil-dry protection that shuts off the kettle if you forget to add water to an empty container. These safety features will ensure that you are able to use your water kettle without worry.

Having these features also enables children to use it safely, if there are children in the house, so that you can feel confident knowing that the safety measures will keep the item and your family safe from any issues while in use.

Fast Heating Times

The main thing that you will likely be looking for in a water kettle for your French press is fast heating time. You want to have a kettle that will take only minutes to heat your water so that you can get your morning cup of coffee quickly and get out the door.

Average times should be around 7-8 minutes, but like many on this list, the best options will offer heated water within 3-7 minutes.

FAQ about Water Kettle for French Press Coffee

Q: Is it all right to leave water in the kettle to re-boil later?

A: No, it is never recommended to reuse water that has been sitting even if it has been boiled. The chemicals in the water get concentrated as it sits, so it can adverse effects on your body if you drink the water that has been sitting in the kettle.

Q: Are electric kettles better than stovetop kettles?

A: There are pros and cons for both of these options, but the main advantage of having an electric kettle is that it there is a shut-off function when it is finished boiling. With a stovetop kettle, you have to turn off the burner yourself or else the kettle will continue to heat.


Although there are many great options on this list, there can only be one top choice. Our top pick of the options on this list is the Miroco 1.5L Double Wall Stainless Steel Kettle. This option is the best water kettle for a French press because of its durably built body and the many features that make this option safe and easy to use. This option also comes highly-rated with many happy customers leaving positive reviews. So, if you have been looking at purchasing a new water kettle that is perfect to use with your French press, then this list will give you some great options to choose from. Whether you chose our top pick, or you opt for a different option, you will be getting a great product that will give you the heating power that you want for a price you’ll love.

Electric Kettle, Miroco 1.5L Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel BPA-Free Cool Touch Tea Kettle with Overheating Protection, Cordless with Auto Shut-Off
  • 100% Stainless Steel Interior: The double wall kettle liners, inner lid, spout & rim are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, all plastic is 100% BPA free and does not touch the water to provide healthy water for your family
  • Extra-Safe Double Wall Design: The electric kettle’s double wall system made of quality PP material clad with stainless steel to resist scratching and protects users from scalding
  • Easy Access Kettle Spout: A wide spout and opening for easy filling and keeping the kettle hygienically clean

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