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Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews – Top Picks and Reviews for 2019

Your search is going to end here if you are looking for the best Keurig coffee makers for your flavored coffee to start a fresh day. An article that tells you about coffee makers with their features, pros, and cons to help you pick up the correct one for your home or office. If you’re one of those who cannot start your day without sipping your coffee, then this article is surely going to help you in picking the right Keurig.

Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

The recommendation for the best coffee maker in the budget is Keurig K525C Single Serve Coffee Maker and if you are looking for the maker with added features then Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-cup Pod Maker is the answer.

These features are available in every Keurig coffee maker. It is up to you as a coffee lover which feature you want your coffee maker should have, pick that particular product to have the perfect blend and flavor for your coffee.

It all depends on your needs that are going to help you decide or pick the right coffee maker for you. There are numbers of varieties available in Keurig and those machines get a new touch two times a year. So, whatever machine you opt, you will be getting the best for the coffee. If you want to have your very first coffee maker or you just want to upgrade your current one, this article describes various coffee makers with their features, pros, and cons altogether.

Some of the common features that are included in Keurig are discussed below:

  • Removable Drip Tray: It is there almost in every Keurig coffee maker that allows an easy and convenient cleaning
  • Auto-off feature: It is possible that after taking a cup of coffee, the machine remains on for some time due to which it can heat up and stop functioning accurately. Thus, Keurig offers auto-off functions in almost every machine.
  • Removable Water reservoirs: Keurig machines consist of water reservoirs those can be removed at the time of cleaning and refilling.

Let us run through some of the coffee makers so that it becomes easier to pick the correct one according to the requirements.

#1 Keurig K250 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker.


  • K250 helps to fulfill both the requirements, i.e for household work as well as for office use. The maker gives approx.5 to 6 cups of coffee from just one fill.
  • The attachments and detachment of the reservoir are easy and rapid in order to clean and refine.
  • Another facility available with the reservoir is that one can easily check the water level with the help of a level window.
  • Customization of a brew is also possible. One can choose k-mugs, k-cups from levels 4, 6, and 8. The only thing is that machine is not available with the inbuilt carafe, so you need to buy one separately.


  • K-cup Carousel- Holds 35 K Cups in Black
  • K-cup Reusable coffee filter
  • Keurig 2.0 My K-cup Reusable coffee filter


  1. It has a larger water tank.
  2. The design is quite slimmer, so lesser weight
  3. Impressive touch screen control panel
  4. 4 cup sizes are available and 3 carafe sizes


  1. Auto of, off switch is not available.
  2. No inbuilt carafe is available, so you need to buy it separately.

#2 Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker.


  • This kind of coffee maker has an auto-off feature with customized settings.
  • It brews tea, hot, cocoa, coffee, and iced beverages
  • It has the facility for controlling temperature and strength.
  • The maker consists of indicative lights which enables you to check the current status of the coffee maker.


  1. The maker has the ability to control the strength.
  2. Keurig K475 is available with the removable drip tray which makes cleaning the maker easy and convenient.
  3. It has the ability to brew coffee, tea, iced beverages, hot cocoa, and specialty.
  4. It dispenses hot water. This facility is useful which is present in this maker.
  5. It consists of an Auto-off feature.
  6. The maker has the larger touch screen by which one can see the current status of the maker clearly from the farther distance as well.
  7. The maker can make the coffee in just a minute. It is quite faster as compared to other coffee makers.


  1. The only disadvantage of the coffee maker is that it has no noise control feature available in it. So there are chances that it may get noisy sometimes and might seem problematic especially when you have toddlers or small babies at home.

#3 Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 Plus Series Single Serve Coffee Maker.


  • This latest styled, upgraded coffee machine is from the Keurig’s 2.0 plus series. It is a great option if you are looking for the upgrading of your already present Keurig machine. You are going to make the wiser choice if you are already a Keurig lover and wish to have the upgraded version of the machine.
  • The machine contains a 2.4 inch LCD touchscreen through which you can have multiple programmable settings which is the best specialty of the maker. K425 consists of various functionalities which are upgraded as compared to its previous versions.
  • The maker comes with all 5 types of cup sizes, and they are 4, 6,8,10, and 12 ounces respectively. With the 3 sizes of the carafe and those are 22, 26, and 30 ounces.
  • K425 consists of Auto-on/off facilities with the power saver mode available with it.
  • Also, one of the best functionalities K425 supports is the temperature control facility which has been upgraded in this latest version by Keurig.
  • The maker contains a 70-ounce reservoir, which is quite more than daily consumption of Java for a coffee drinker.
  • K425 has K-carafe, K-cup, and K-mug with the help of which you can easily brew cups, mug, for the single person.
  • The main thing that needs to be considered while choosing K425 as you own coffee maker, you need to consider 2 things and those are its temperature control and its water tank capacity which is actually more than the normal capacity of the coffee drinker per day.


  1. It consists of Touchscreen control, indicator lights, Auto on/off feature. The coffee maker consists of the range of various programmable functionalities as discussed earlier.
  2. It has a bigger water reservoir.
  3. K425 consists of a removable drip tray, LCD screen signals.
  4. The maker has the ability to brew hot cocoa, tea, iced beverages, and coffee.
  5. Also, it can brew 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz sizes.
  6. It has a larger touchscreen as compared to its previous versions.
  7. It has the ability to dispense hot water.


  1. The main drawback of the maker is that it has no control over noise. So it can be disturbing for some people who have small babies or toddlers at their homes.
  2. It gets easily scratched so, you can say that it doesn’t have a much stronger design.
  3. Another disadvantage of K425 is that sometimes it easily malfunctions, which can be stressful for the drinker who just wants his/her coffee on time.
  4. Also, it does not consist of water filter starter.

#4 Keurig K525C Single Serve Coffee Maker, 12 K-cup Pods.


  • The coffee maker named K525 Single serve is said to one of the best selling machines of Keurig. The coffee lovers who are fond of coffee as well as the different and trendy gadgets, this machine is sure to fulfill their fantasies and requirements at the same time.
  • The features and looks of the model both are extremely amazing, thus adds grace to your kitchen counter. Also, the coffee maker comes in a budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the taste. The coffee makers provide you with a rich-flavored and properly brewed cup of coffee.
  • The main feature of the K525 is it has nightlight setting available with the wallpaper with the customization functionality. A touchscreen is quite brighter which can be easily used in dim or poor light as well.
  • It consists of the 80-ounce water reservoir, by which you can easily make 10 cups of coffee at a time without the need of refilling the water tank.
  • The machine takes almost 3 minutes for heating before the actual brewing process starts but once done, it serves the coffee in less than a minute, so you cannot make a sure statement that it is the fastest model.
  • In order to get an accurate strength of the brew, the machine comes with a clock, which shows the actual strength of the brew. Also, this clock can be programmed, by which you can instruct the machine for how long to brew the coffee to have the perfect combination in a particular time range.
  • The K525 is mainly designed for the single serve pod coffee from K-cups, k-mug, and carafes. You need to buy the separate carafe as it does not come with the machine.


  1. The maker has the capacity to brew the coffee in less than a minute once it is preheated.
  2. It consists of various programmable functionalities which makes it easier to program whenever required.
  3. K525 has an LCD digital touchscreen with the help of which one can easily get all the instructions about how to make a perfect cup of coffee if the user is newer to the machine.
  4. The machine is available with strength control and temperature settings.
  5. The machine has the capacity to brew 10 cups of coffee at a time without refilling the water tank as it contains 80 ounces reservoir.


  1. It does not have the setting present for the highest temperature.
  2. The K525 coffee maker is not easily available as it is quite in demand due to its high programmable functionalities and lower budget.

#5 Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-cup Pod Maker.


  • If you are already using Keurig coffee maker and loving it as well, then you are recommended to go for K-Elite. This type of coffee maker by Keurig has all those features available which are demanded by a hardcore coffee lover all the time along with some advanced added features.
  • The coffee maker consists of 75 ounces of the reservoir which has the ability to serve 8 cups of coffee before filling up the water tank. The tank is removable so that it gets easy and convenient for the user to clean it on a regular basis.
  • The added feature, the maker has is its iced setting, for the users who wish to have something different and unique. This setting lets you make the iced coffee by brewing over ice to get the best-flavored coffee.
  • The machine can also be utilized for hot water whenever required. Instead of using a kettle to make the hot water, this maker can be used to make hot water for soups, oatmeal or tea.
  • As the maker has various added features, the price is little on the higher range. So, this factor needs to be taken into consideration while choosing it.


  1. It has various added features such as ice setting and various programmable functionalities.
  2. The water reservoir is 75 ounces of capacity allowing 8 cups of coffee at a time without refilling it.
  3. It has a removable drip tray which makes it easier and convenient for a user to clean.
  4. Rather than using a kettle to make the hot water, this machine can be used as a hot water maker whenever required.


  1. Some users may find it bulky and with unwanted features, if those do not recommended by that user.
  2. Due to its added features and unique design, the price of the coffee maker is higher as compared to other Keurig coffee makers.

#6 Keurig575 Single Serve Programmable K-cup Coffee Maker.


  • This model is said to be one of the best selling and famous models among the Keurig series.
  • It has added features such as 3 filters, and 6 k-cups as a complimentary treat with a well designed and great looks.
  • The water reservoir is 80 ounces which allows a user to make 100 cups of coffee without any need of refilling the water tank.
  • It comes with a digital clock. With the help of which you can easily set the brewing time of your coffee as the clock can be programmed with the time as per your instructions.
  • Consists of removable drip tray which makes it easy to clean. Another use is that by removing the tray you can set the mugs till 7 inches if you are in need of a little bigger brew.
  • The coffee maker consists of customizable wallpaper and customizable nightlight.
  • All you need is to buy a separate carafe as it is not included in the machine.
  • The machine has the capacity to brew the coffee under 1 minute and has the ability to work for different sizes pods.


  1. The water reservoir is 80 ounces by which one can make 10 cups of coffee at a time without refilling the water tank.
  2. It has the ability to brew coffee under 1 minute; it is just that it takes some time for pre-heating before actually starting the brewing process.
  3. It has a removable tray which allows a user to clean it easily; also it can be used to brew the mugs till 7 inches.
  4. The coffee maker has a digital clock which helps a user to check the brewing time whenever required. Also, it is programmable, so you can give instructions to the maker how long you want to brew your coffee.
  5. It has a nightlight and customized wallpaper.


  1. The machine is quite expensive as compared to other makers from Keurig.
  2. K-cups are not recyclable.
  3. The model does not offer actual brew strength and takes time to pre-heat before actually starting the brewing process.

Why we need a Coffee Maker?

The best part of Keurig coffee makers is that they are easy to use and reliable, also these machines required less maintenance as compared to other coffee machines. These makers deliver the best and hot coffee in lesser time without letting you compromise with the taste. It is assured that Keurig is going to give you an experience of speedy making, consistency, and convenience. Almost, all the Keurig machines give these features with easy cleaning, lesser maintenance, and easy use.

How to use a Keurig Coffee maker?

If you are a new user or you have recently switched to the newer range of coffee maker, here are some steps that can help you to make a great coffee without any hurdle of confusion.

  1. After opening the box and everything which are present there around the maker, you need to plug in the cord.
  2. There are some makers in which you only need to pour water into the reservoir as they are attached to it. Otherwise, Lift the water reservoir at the upper side and take out it gently.
  3. Once it is washed, fill the clean water till the marked line on the reservoir and attach it back to the maker. Before you actually do anything, clean brew and wait till the water heats up and then click on the cup size and clean the water that comes out.
  4. There are a variety of K-cups blends available, so you can choose the one which is your favorite. Once you have chosen the favorite K-cup, with the help of the holes in the maker, water will be thrown in the K-cup directly.
  5. Next step is keeping the K-cup at the center of the unit and close the lid, and then wait until the display shows the words, “Ready to brew”. Neatly place the mug on the drip tray, as in case of any overflow, drip tray will help to keep the counter clean. And then, lastly, wait for the coffee to fill in your mug.

How to clean a  Keurig coffee maker.

  1. Try to use things such as clean and dry cloth, soap, water, white vinegar or descaling solution in order to clean the coffee maker. In the beginning, it is important that you unplug the machine.
  2. Separate the parts which are removable like the water reservoir, mug stand, lid, and cup holder. Clean these parts with soap and warm water and dry them.
  3. Use a dry or damp cloth to clean the surface of the machine.
  4. Also, clean the space around coffee pod which is used to collect the coffee and tea granules. Then assemble the removed parts back in the machine and plug it again.
  5. Take some white vinegar and fill the water reservoir half with the vinegar and half with the water.
  6. Do not insert a K-cup and start the machine. Repeat the same procedure until the reservoir gets empty and throw the content after every cycle. This helps to clean the lime and scale builds. You need to repeat the procedure in every 3 to 6 months as recommended by Keurig.
  7. Use clean water and repeat the same procedure in order to remove any residual of vinegar. Once all is done, the coffee maker can be used for making a coffee like you bought a new one yesterday only.
Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews
  • Keurig K250 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker
  • Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 Plus Series Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Keurig K525C Single Serve Coffee Maker, 12 K-cup Pods
  • Keurig K-Elite K Single Serve K-cup Pod Maker
  • Keurig575 Single Serve Programmable K-cup Coffee Maker


The above-discussed Keurig coffee machines are variables and are available in various varieties. People who are already a Keurig user’s can surely go for the upgraded versions of the machine, and people who wish to switch to Keurig can surely be the part of Keurig coffee maker series.

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