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Best French Press – Top Picks and Reviews for 2019

During the tour to grab the best French Press maker for your regular dose of coffee for the daily routine, there are various options available which may baffle you. And it is possible that you may end up with buying the one not suiting your requirements.

So, here is the detailed discussion which has been concluded after various researches and gathering information about some of the best French press makers fulfilling your requirements and delivering the best taste to start your day with. While making the choice, it is important to consider your needs and convenience, so below mentioned are some of the right choices you can make.

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Best French Press – 2019

Our team has picked the best 5 recommendations for you, let us run through the same:

#1 SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee French Press.

If you are a sediment hater, then SterlingPro French Press coffee maker is the best one for you. The French press will surely give you stronger brew, is more durable, and all these features on such a lower price.


  • Durable coffee maker: This maker is made up with best quality stainless steel and delivers awesome heat retention due to its dual wall construction, which as a result gives the best coffee taste-wise.
  • Dual Filters: The SterlingPro French press comes with the latest and very useful technology in which dual filters are used instead of just one. Normally, what happens is when you pour the coffee, coffee grounds go down at the bottom and as you take a sip, the grounds start troubling you, as most of the French Press coffee makers do not filter the whole coffee grounds.

Some Drawbacks:

  • The Plunger is not the durable part in most of the French Press coffee makers, so quality is not so good as compared to other parts of the maker. It may disturb the equality of the brew due to dents on it.
  • In terms of quality, the SterlingPro French press has gained lesser rating when compared with Frieling Double French press, as it can only manage some drops.

#2 Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.

If you are in a hurry but still craving to have the best-brewed coffee to start your day with, then Aerobie Aeropress coffee and Espresso maker is for you. It helps you in making your coffee in less than a minute as compared to other French Press Coffee makers which normally takes four to five minutes to brew the coffee. One can make an amazing cup of coffee by using this coffee maker while traveling as well, as it is durable and versatile. Let us go through some of its features:


  • Amazingly Versatile: This coffee maker allows you to make different styled coffee such as filter style coffee, espresso, and even French press styled coffee. So, this maker can be used to extract coffee by using different techniques. Also, various kinds of beverages can be made by using it. It is obvious that it may take some time to get the perfect idea about the maker and the techniques it uses, but once you are aware of them, you won’t even think of having any other coffee maker.

The coffee maker includes two kinds of filters. If you wish to have a coffee without oils then you can opt for paper filters, and if you are willing to have the best and actual taste of coffee, then make use of metal filters. You’ll get 350 paper filters with the purchase of the maker, but have to purchase metal filter on a separate basis.

  • Brew Faster: While using these kinds of French brews, the immersion process is carried out by pouring coffee grounds in hot water which as a result gives the best in taste coffee. In Aerobie AeroPress Coffee maker, you get the pressurized equation. The procedure is carried out as follows: Addition of coffee grounds is done in the plastic chamber, with the hot water. Wait for 30 seconds and then take out the coffee with a plunger.  You need to apply more pressure in order to get faster extraction.

Some Drawbacks:

  • Due to the more pressure and faster extraction, Aerobie Aeropress gives a little different taste of the coffee.
  • It tastes a little stronger and has a lesser smoother taste.

#3 Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press.

When talking about best heat retention, brew quality, and durability, this coffee maker holds the topmost position as compared to other kinds of French press coffee makers. If you wish to have a different and stronger coffee flavor, then a stainless steel variant is the best for you.


  • Durability and brewing coffee: The coffee maker is made up of all the USA made components which are the best in quality. So this coffee maker fulfills what you exactly need from a French press. It is just that, if you are familiar with the correct technique to be used while making a coffee, then having a cup of coffee that is excellent taste-wise with no acidic or bitter flavor is no tough task.

Due to its rugged stainless steel body, it easily handles the occasional drop. Also, all the components in the maker are dishwasher friendly. Preferably, use the filtered water, which helps in reducing the scaling risk. This machine, if maintained properly, will definitely give you the best in taste coffee even after many brews and will last for a lifetime to deliver the best-flavored coffee.

  • Heat retention at its best: For providing the best insulation and heat retention, a combination of double wall and stainless steel is provided in this coffee machine. As compared to other stainless steel varieties which have been tested by us, are not the worth in the competition with Stainless Steel French Press. Also, one can use a French press just like a carafe as well.

Heat retention helps you in getting the best-flavored extraction and also, is stronger as compared to other glass French press.

Some Drawbacks:

  • There are very minute things to complain regarding using this coffee machine. The only thing is that coffee grounds stuck in the plunger if left as it is in the plunger for a longer time.
  • Leaving coffee grounds in the plunger for a longer time may lead to difficulties in cleaning and you need to rinse them using water manually, which is a tedious and time-consuming job at the same time.

#4 Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug.

By the makers of Bodum, it was previously considered to be only the maker which can be used for home uses, but after that, they have tried to convert a normal French press into a  travel mug which can be easily carried while traveling to provide the same sip of coffee wherever you need.

If you want the same French Press taste with the facility of taking it while you are working or traveling, then Bodum insulated stainless steel Travel French is the best suitable for you.


  • The procedure is the same as followed with other coffee makers, you just need to pour coffee grounds, wait for 3-4 minutes and then lastly press the plunger. The Lid can be sealed once you are done using it; this provision is attached to a travel press coffee maker.
  • This coffee maker has the ability to seal the coffee ground at the bottom itself. The main feature of Bodum insulated stainless steel is that it separates coffee grounds without making it interact with the water at all. The coffee flavor remains as it is, even after many hours the coffee is made.
  • In order to keep your coffee hot for more hours, travel press has double wall insulation. 2 lids, one with the plunger and one without plunger are provided with the travel press.
  • Travel press is available with two variants, one is called Acrylic and another is called stainless steel. Stainless steel helps in keeping the coffee hotter for more than 2 hours and provides durability as well. Whereas Acrylic is lighter in weight as it uses BPA plastic. Ergonomic silicone grip is used in both the types of the French press. All in all, the stainless steel travel press is recommended as it is more suitable to use as a travel mug.

Some Drawbacks:

  • It is recommended not to keep the coffee grounds in the mug for a longer period of time. Grounds stuck at the bottom and quality may hamper due to that. So, it is recommended to clean the travel press regularly after every use.
  • There are possibilities that with the first few mugs of coffee you get a plastic-like taste. So, it is important that you clean and rinses the French press, every time before your 1st cup of coffee.

#5 KONA French press and Bodum Chambered French Press.

KONA French Press and Bodum Chambered French Press is one of the most recommended glass French Press which is famous in the market at present. Bodum French maker is more recommended as compared to KONA French Press due to its easy maintenance and durability.  It is important to go through each and every feature and cons of both the coffee makers, to pick the best out of them. Below-mentioned is some of the main features of the coffee makers:


  • Durability

-KONA French Press: KONA uses a plastic shield which is used in order to increase the durability of the machine. It is made to handle minute shocks, so you can easily take them on a trip, and they won’t get damaged easily. KONA French Press is more recommended in terms of durability as it is more protective and has rounded housing.

-Bodum Chambered French Press: It uses stainless steel strips on the glass surface to make it more durable. It is also made to handle tiny shocks, so you can easily take it wherever you want and it will not easily break. While talking about each and every component of the maker, this one is absolutely the finest one. A thicker and durable lid is used in Bodum Chambered French Press. It is for sure that, components used in this coffee maker are going to last longer as compared to KONA French press. As the maker has a steel body, making it more durable.

So, the moral of the story is that Bodum will definitely be giving you the best results in terms of durability as compared to KONA French Press.

  • Cleaning:

KONA French Press: It requires regular cleaning and each component needs to be rinsed with water in order to maintain its durability. KONA has no facility of collecting grounds after brewing the coffee. So it is possible that most of the coffee grounds remain stuck in the screen filter.

-Bodum Chambered French Press: For this maker as well, it is important to clean it on a regular basis, to maintain the best quality. The reason why Bodum chambered coffee maker is recommended as it consists of a coffee catcher which can be inserted in the carafe, and coffee grounds do not go till bottom as they have been caught by the catcher, which can be easily cleaned by rinsing the water.

It is our recommendation after discussing the advantages and drawbacks, if you want the best flavor and a good experience, one must opt for the Bodum French Press.

Let us find out the best coffee maker that can help you meet your requirements through this comparison chart shown below:

Model Name Type Feature at its best Ratings
Bodum Travel Travel Best and cheap at the same time 3.5-4/5
Frieling Stainless Steel Durability 4.7/5
SterlingPro Stainless Steel Body Less sedimentation 3-3.5/5
KONA Glass Durable from the outer body Almost 4/5
Bodum Chambered Glass Provides easy cleaning 4/5




Some of the reasons that make the French Press, the best coffee machines in order to provide you with the best quality coffee and to help you give a kickass start to your day:

  • Usually, most of the French press uses the technique called Steeping, just like we make tea, these coffee machines use steeping method where coffee grounds are steeped instead of getting them filtered. The result gives you the best, rich and flavored coffee which tastes better as compared to other coffee machines.
  • While eating any kind of food, oil and fats are still in there intact. But most of the machines use paper filters which help to remove oils without hampering its flavor. Paper filters use to absorb almost all the oil from the coffee grounds. The flavor of the coffee remains the same as paper filter adds tiny particles of coffee grounds while absorbing the oil from the coffee grounds. So, French Press assures the perfect flavored coffee with a lesser amount of oil and ground particles.
  • It is known that when one buys a drip machine, one is likely to get some impurities i.e. it can be a brand name impurity or it can be with the drip machine itself. But, on the other hand, French Press delivers the exact taste and quality of the coffee as it is expected to have with no impurities present in it.
  • French Press gives you an amazing experience of having a cup of coffee that further gives all your senses a satisfied feeling. You get everything in a cup except ground coffee which is not required actually in the cup.
  • Normally, drip machines heat up the water rapidly, and once the brewing is done, water cools down rapidly as well, so heating happens during the process only. On the other hand, the French Press is famous for maintaining the exact water temperature from starting of the process till the end. Maintaining the perfect temperature throughout the process results in the perfect and rich flavored coffee.
  • French Press assures to saturate every single coffee grounds and oils to give you the perfect coffee. It does not miss even a single ground, which helps in making the accurate brewed coffee. Drip machines, on the other hand, fail to saturate each and every ground. So, the flavor from drip machine is less effective than the flavor from the French Press after saturating every oil and ground.

Some tips which can help you to make a perfect cup of coffee using the French press:

  • Pouring and Plunge: It is high time that you must get one French Press for you, if you are still using the same typical drip machine for your cup of coffee to experience the different yet the best taste. Once you have gotten one for you, you are surely being taking out the drip machine and start using the French Press instead.
  • You can use a coarse grinder: As we all know coffees from different regions have various densities. So, it is important to measure the water and coffee before you start brewing them in the French press. Elimination of carbon dioxide can be done by wetting the grounds and you can experience a coffee without a sour taste. You can use a kitchen timer in order to get the tasty cup of coffee in just four minutes.
Best French Press
  • SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee French Press
  • Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker
  • Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press
  • Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug
  • KONA French press and Bodum Chambered French Press


This was all about the French Press. We hope this is going to help you in choosing the perfect match for your coffee requirements. Keep Brewing and experience the best-flavored coffee with French Press.

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