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Best French Press – Top Picks and Reviews for 2019

A number of people out there believe that if there’s something that can wake them up happily in the morning then it’s their daily hot cup of coffee. Well, that’s even true, the drink can simply make anyone’s day and die-hard coffee lovers would agree to it in no time. But since you need that mandatory cup of java in the morning, you just can’t wake up and rush towards Starbucks first, right?

Well, who does even want to, when you can simply have a French press at your home and brew a cup of coffee exactly the way you love. Believe it or not, but there’s nothing amazing than having a French press coffee maker, that can give you smooth, rich, and exotic coffee every time. And while we are talking about this beauty let us make it clear prior that to get a perfect cup you need a lot of patience and a good French press maker to start with. Want to know our best picks of French Press for 2019? Check this out.

P.S: We can assure you that once you master the process, you don’t want to leave the machine soon.  

Best French Press For Travel

Bodum Insulated Stainless- Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug: While most french press are for home purpose only, this french press can be used in home and travel both. This french press comes with a travel mug makes it suitable for travel. It also comes with double-wall insulation which keeps your coffee hot for around 2 hours.

Best French Press For Home

Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker: This machine has high durability, heat-retention, and best brew quality makes it an awesome choice for coffee lovers who loves to brew their own coffee at their homes, Whether you like strong coffee or mild flavor this baby got you covered.

Best French Press Reviews And Recommendations

#1 Best Top-Notch: Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

When it comes to the best, nothing can beat the features of this Frieling French Press coffee maker. And if you’re the one who loves to have some kind of distinct flavor and a strong cup of coffee, you don’t have to go anywhere. And if we talk about durability, heat-retention, and best brew quality, this one has definitely set some standards for other models.

This French Press comes with a combination of double wall and 18/10 stainless steel that are just so perfect for better insulation and maximum heat helps in keeping your coffee warm for a long time. Also, with better heat retention, not just the coffee maker gives you better tasting coffee but you can also use it as a carafe.

Talking about the durability of the coffee maker, the components are made in the USA, dishwasher friendly, and can bear the drop sometimes. In addition to that, make sure you use filtered water to avoid the risk of scaling.

The coffee made with the help of this French Press can give you exactly the same taste you always want in your coffee and if you do it in the right way, you can gain the perfect taste that means no bitterness or acidic taste. All in all, if you keep the machine properly, it won’t leave your side for long years while giving you the same taste every time you brew a cup of coffee for yourself.


The only downside we found with the coffee machine is that sometimes coffee grounds get stuck in the plunger if you leave it for a long time that can ultimately make the cleaning process a difficult one. As a result, you have to get into an elbow grease to make sure there are no coffee grounds left in it.

#2 Best Durable: KONA French Press

Those who love having glass French Press can certainly go for the KONA French Press. This one is one of the classic coffee makers and you can bet on the durability of this coffee machine. Let’s get started out with the brew quality, where you need to get fresh coffee grounds, grind them, and get yourself a consistent and tasty cup of coffee. We don’t have any grudges with the amazing and exotic taste offered by this French Press.

Coming to the next important factor i.e. durability, KONA French press comes with a plastic shield that automatically enhances the durability of the machine. Also, you can take it on a trip or while moving out as there are lesser chances that it would get break.

You cannot compromise with the taste of your coffee very easily, right? So, make sure you clean your machine (each and every component) regularly and thoroughly with water.


The only con we found with the KONA that more coffee grounds get stuck in the screen filter thus it needs proper maintenance and cleaning.

#3 Best Travel French Press: Bodum Insulated Stainless- Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug

Mainly, it is considered that a French Press can only be used for home purpose but to clear this misconception, Bodum came up with this amazing travel coffee mug. You can use it as both ways, like a normal French Press at home or take it out while traveling.

You must be thinking that it might include some other sort of way to prepare the coffee. No, this travel press works the same way where you have to add your favorite grounds, hot water, leave it for around 4 minutes, and then press the plunger. In order to make it more convenient, they made the plunger attached to the lid, so that you can close your product when done.

In addition to that, this travel press makes sure that the coffee grounds settle down properly at the bottom so that it doesn’t interact with the water and you can get the same taste even you use it after hours. Another amazing feature of this travel press is that it comes with double-wall insulation to keep your coffee warm for a long time.

Also, you can make a choice from two of the material of the Bodum press: Stainless Steel or Acrylic. While acrylic uses BPA plastic and is quite light in weight, on the other hand, stainless steel keeps your coffee hot for around 2 hours and is more durable.


With the first few brews, you might get a taste of plastic in your coffee, thus you need to cleanse your machine properly with water a few times before you prepare your first cup. Also, if coffee grounds are left in the machine for a long time, they might get stuck in the filter and can affect the quality of it.

#4 Best Kit: Bean Envy French Press Coffee Maker and Milk Frother

So you already have a French Press with you and you’re already enjoying your tempting cup of coffee. Great. But what if we say you can upgrade your machine by adding a milk frother to it. Yes, you heard that right. This fantastic press’s carafe is made of borosilicate glass that is known for its better heat retention along with 18/8 stainless steel plunger and gaskets, and high-end commercial quality plastic filter screen.

In addition to that, the machine keeps you away from the hassle of first measuring the water and then adds into it as the coffee maker already has 16oz water marking on it. To add to its beauty and in order to make it different from other models, it comes with a screw-top design, which holds the lid safely to avoid accidental removal.

Talking about the frother comes with a stand that allows you to keep it handy or just leave it in the cabinet. You can use the frother to froth the milk for a delicious coffee or to make hot chocolate or cocktails, or even for making salad dressings.

#5 SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee French Press

People who cannot tolerate those tiny coffee particles while taking a sip, this SterlingPro French Press is recommended to them. The French Press can filter your coffee in the best way possible and gives you a rich taste. Unlike other coffee makers, SterlingPro double wall French Press uses dual filters rather than having one. That way the even the smallest sediments go deep down at the bottom and proffers you with a clean cup of coffee.

Coming to its durability, the machine is made up of rugged stainless steel and due to its dual wall construction, it provides you with a stronger cup of java and leads to better heat retention. And if you want it to work the same way for years and give you the same taste, do not forget to clean it after every brew.


One of the problems we found with the coffee maker is the quality of its plunger that is not durable enough and tends to dent easily that might affect the quality of your brew.

Buyer’s Guide to French Press Coffee Maker

Well, to be honest, buying a French Press for your kitchen counter is not at all rocket science. They are not much expensive, provide you with delicious coffee, and are a breeze when it comes to using it. Although, there’s no need to do tough research while buying a French Press but you should be aware of the 3 major categories of this coffee maker and here’s what you need to know about the same.

  • The Good Ol’ Glass: True coffee lovers will agree to this that there’s nothing better than having the traditional French Press that were made of glass. The reason why this type is still the favorite of many because they see through the coffee grounds being immersed in water and the entire extraction process. They are even cost-effective but on the other side, if you tend to break things more often, just skip to the second option.
  • Rugged Stainless Steel: You’ll get a quite similar taste with this type but can save you money even if you drop it. Also, you need to wait for around 3 minutes after you pour down hot water into it, that’s where stainless steel shines as the better heat retention keeps your coffee much stronger. In fact, you can use this type as a carafe.
  • Travel French Press: Finally, a product that you can take on your move. These machines are really portable and you can easily fit them in the coffee holder of your car. They are mainly known for their durability but brew a lesser amount of coffee juxtaposed to other types. Buying this machine is only beneficial if there’s only 1 or 2 people who want to use it.

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Tips to choose the best French Press Coffee Maker

Although this kind of coffee maker follows a really simple mechanism, still French Press is available in different kinds of variations, thus making it important to keep some useful tips in mind while choosing the best pick.

  • Material: Usually, while buying a French Press, it suggested to go for the stainless steel as it cannot break off easily and retains better heat. However, if you love to watch out the whole extraction process of the coffee while brewing, you can go for the glass one.
  • Design: Not everything that looks aesthetically pleasing works the best way. Check out for a good handle that can avoid your coffee maker from careening off the table.
  • Size: If there’s only you who want that mandatory cup of coffee in the morning, get yourself the basic size of the French Press that serves only one. On the other hand, if you’re a group or joint family living together, you can choose from different other sizes as the size maxes out at ten.
  • Filter: As compared to drip coffee maker, the filters of French Press are not that fine and not even that good to keep out the sediments. However, the mechanism won’t let the aroma and taste of the essential oils fades away.

So, this was everything you need to know about while go shopping for that one perfect French Press. Consider all the factors and tips in mind and select one that fits your need perfectly.

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Best French Press
  • SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel Coffee French Press
  • Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker
  • Frieling USA Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press
  • Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee Mug
  • KONA French press and Bodum Chambered French Press


This was all about the French Press. We hope this is going to help you in choosing the perfect match for your coffee requirements. Keep Brewing and experience the best-flavored coffee with French Press.

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