Best Coffee Shops

Best Coffee Shops In Washington Dc

Previously, there was only one brand which was dominated in Washington, Dc. Starbucks was the only coffee brand which had firmly held its feet over the past few years. But at present, there are several coffee brands have emerged in the race, and undoubtedly they are doing well. Not only for the coffee thing, but these shops have varied cuisines and tea in their menu cards. Let us run through the quick glimpse of these coffee shops here. These coffee shops are recommended due to their variety in coffee and snack which can help you to spend some quality time with buddies, family or just to keep it for yourself.

Compass Coffee:

The newest and the best place to have your coffee. This shop is located at 7th Street with ample and bigger space as compared to usual coffee shops. The best thing about this shop is that it roasts their own coffee beans, so the requirement of a larger space has made this coffee shop look spacious and better for a sitting and other management. They serve unique flavors from around the world. So, you need not require hunting for some unique and different flavors and taste for sure. Rather from only a coffee, they even have different pastries and cookies to have with a cup of coffee. We recommend this place, as it has ample space, best sitting arrangement, and the best thing is they have cool varieties of coffee and home roasting as well.

Instagram: @compasscoffeedc

The Wydown Coffee Bar:

The one thing to say here for some people it is blessings or a curse is that this coffee shop is Wi-Fi free and you do not need to work and have coffee at the same time. Reading can be even done with a coffee. The menu card has various and delicious things such as cinnamon roll, cookies with different flavors, cake and amazing espresso things. Reading can even be done. They have wooden furniture at the shop.

Instagram: @thewudown

Chinatown Coffee Co:

This awesome and joyful coffee shop is located at Chinatown from which one can easily roan around for the museums and other important locations. The menu card has various coffee flavors such as Kyoto cold brew, French press, pour over, and siphon brewing. This shop is selected in Men’s Journal as one of the best shops in the country due to its location and cheerful environment. Highly recommended shop by our experts for coffee, food, and best surroundings. They have the unique dishes that can never be seen in the usual menu card of the café. Visit once!


La Colombe:

This shop is located at an alley in Shaw neighborhood. The coffee shop is basically for those, who love just a coffee and not anything else, especially different beverages and snack items. You can get some kinds of pastries to have with the cup of coffee. It is sure that you can enjoy the best coffee in Washington, DC here. They use different types of ceramic cups to serve the coffee which makes it joyful to have your favorite cup of coffee with a pair of pastries. They have coffees such as pure black and cold pressed coffee in their menu card.

Instagram: @lacolombecoffee

Zeke’s Coffee:

The shop is located at Island Avenue NE, Washington. They have the best roasting techniques which make the taste of the coffee more delicious and pure. Using fluid bed coffee roaster makes it more rapid and uniform roasting as compared to a typical drum roaster. They have the best-flavored coffee due to the use of this kind of roaster. They even have a pickup facility where you can get roasted coffee beans in the pound. Try their coffee once, and be a regular visitor. This coffee shop is one of the highly recommended shops where you can taste the best barista.


Peregrine Espresso:

This shop is situated at Pennsylvania Avenue, and the very first shop was opened back in 2008. After that, they have successfully launched three more branches at Union Market, Logan Circle, and Eastern Market. This coffee shop has earned various rewards such as USA Today, Food and Wine. Also, they offer different kinds of tutors for education and training different techniques in coffee and other things. Peregrine espresso confirms that they attend their customers with the same gesture on the face every time, just like their consistent taste of coffee. Best recommended coffee shop for true coffee lovers.

Instagram: @peregrinedc

Qualia Coffee

The best thing about this coffee shop is that they have the facility of No WI-Fi especially on weekends which makes it simpler to have a word with your buddies or family rather than just sitting in front of laptops and phone. This coffee shop roasts beans then and there only and has options for coffee from other countries such as Brazil, Uganda, and Ethiopia. You can even enjoy iced coffee, tea sitting in a living room like a coffee shop with more comfort and best service. Most recommended the coffee shop if you want to have a coffee and fun only.

Instagram: @qualiacoffee

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