Best Coffee Shops In Hawaii

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Coffee starts a day for many and no one wants to ruin the day by having a coffee with no taste and quality. Everyone searches for the best coffee to manage the whole day in a fresh mood. Kona coffee is famous in every region of the world. Coffee had different variety and people wish to taste different flavor and aroma every time they visit any coffee shop. Let us find out some of the best coffee shops in Hawaii and we make sure that you will get the coffee as expected:

  • Morning Glass: If you are a coffee lover and wish to have the same taste every time you visit the coffee shop then you are in the right place. Lattes are the much famous coffee at this shop. The makers of the coffee use freshly brewed coffee beans to serve Baristas grind espressos. Usually different ingredients used to makes coffee and other items on the menu card are provided from nearby islands, ingredients include tomatoes, bananas, fresh beef, and even mangoes. A must try coffee shop on your list.

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Instagram: @morningglasscoffee

  • Green World Farms: This almost seven-acre rectangular farm is situated at Wahiawa. Every visitor and a coffee lover are welcome and greeted by the kind staff here. They have a huge warehouse, situated in 3000 square feet area, where 2000 plants of coffee are grown. They are roasted and served in its warehouse. The location of the farm is very interesting that a visitor can enjoy a cup of coffee with North shore at the same time. Visiting Green World Farms is a perfect combination of Coffee and outing together. We recommend this coffee as they grow, roast and serve the coffee beans on their own and it’s just delicious.

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Instagram: @greenworldcoffeefarm

  • Brue Bar: This coffee bar serves both coffee and beans as well. If you are just a person willing to purchase some coffee beans then you are welcome and if you want to have a cup of coffee you are welcome as well. This coffee shop has beans for commuters and a tasty coffee for coffee lovers. The shop is equipped with a cold coffee system (Pure coffee empire), coffee brewer serving a single cup of coffee, and Slayer espresso machine. The important thing to tell here is that they only serve coffee, do not expect anything else. Only coffee lovers are welcome, not eaters!

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  • Honolulu Coffee:The oldest and almost a coffee shop started when there were no such numbers of coffee shops available in Hawaii. They started serving coffee in the year 1992, and now they have a chain of coffee shops situated in Maui, Guam, Asia, and Hawaii Islands. They started with a small shop like the area and now they have a huge series of coffee shops in making. They are good in Kona bean; also they have iced coffee, sweet flavored for the sweet tooth, French press and many more on the cards. Recently, they have inaugurated Coffee experience center where they have a coffee shop with a museum beside.

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  • Morning Brew Coffee House and Bistro:This coffee shop serves various single brew pour over which include Kona, Waialua, and Maui. You can enjoy the Wi-Fi while enjoying the sip of coffee. The menu card has various coffee flavors including breakfasts, brewed coffee, with a comfortable sitting arrangement. You can even try vegan banana pancakes and waffles of Belgium style to satisfy your hunger. A must try coffee shop if you want to have a coffee and settle down your hunger at the same time. Visit and enjoy the morning with their tasty breakfast and a coffee.

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  • Bogart’s Café:The location of the café is quite awesome, as it is located at Monsarrat which is near to Waikiki Bay. The menu card has various yummy dishes which include pork adobo rice, freshly cooked acai bowls, and delicious egg Benedict. You can have your daily meal with a cup of coffee here. One important thing is that do not forget to bring cash while visiting this coffee shop for your food and a coffee.

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  • Café Kaila:This café is quite famous for its mouthwatering servings. Even the shop has won various recognitions for its dishes such as bacon-infused waffles and blueberry. The menu card has varieties of delicious dishes such as cinnamon French toast, buttermilk pancakes, Fruit and bread. The shop is situated at Kapiolani Blvd. It is guaranteed that you will be there for a longer time due to its brighter and convenient location. We recommend this coffee shop in the list of the best ones in Hawaii.

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These were the best coffee shops available in Hawaii as per our recommendations. You can visit those and try out some of their very famous delicacies. Be a coffee lover always and keep exploring the flavors!

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