Best Coffee Shops In Atlanta To Study

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Having a cup of coffee like every normal day is one thing but having it while working on the laptop or while studying is another. What else you need when you have your energy fuel with you? Work seems a breeze, isn’t it? Hey, if you’re looking for a place in Atlanta where you can have a sip of favorite coffee while working we have some amazing coffee shops for you that allow you to sit comfortably, relax, or work while they’ll serve your favorite java. Also, the best part about working in such an environment is you can complete your task in a totally peaceful area. It will be just you,  your coffee, and your laptop. Look at the places where you can move to experience this amazing way of working.


This coffee shop is situated at East Atlanta Village, with a beautiful and natural atmosphere around. The place is very spacious when it comes to sitting and studying or working. They have availed two rooms, one with couches and another with tables. You will get natural light from the giant windows starting from the floor till the ceiling. On can comfortably study and enjoy a cup of coffee which includes espresso, honey concoction, and many more. If you are hungry then they have bagels, cookies, and cheddar-chive biscuits as well. You can even enjoy the creations by local artists including crafts, jewelry in the front room. Overall, a good place to study or just to have your pending work done with a cup of coffee and some snacks. A must visit!

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The House Formosa:

This shop is situated in Doraville. The wooden booths are of the size which perfectly fits two laptops at the same time. So, one should visit this place to have coffee while working. Good news for tea lovers, this shop serves different kinds of teas such as tea-based concoctions. You can easily walk from the Marta station for the House Formosa and enjoy your treat of coffee tea. The perfect place for those people, willing to complete their work with coffee.

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This shop is situated in Kirkwood which is a little smaller and can become annoying on the weekends. The best part of this shop is you can enjoy coffee as well as some sips of beer at the same time. They have some nitro-coffee with hibiscus tea and hops. One can surely enjoy a coffee or a beer while doing work on laptops. Normally, it is noisy on weekends, but otherwise, in the evening times, it is the best place to relax and set your mind to complete your work. We recommend this shop for those who are a fan of beer, coffee, and laptops!

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The café at Parish:

This shop is situated near Inman Park, with a rural touch. The small but spacious café is full of leather chairs and tables and typical stools. The menu card has various kinds of coffees and different cuisines to fulfill your thirst and hunger as well. The perfect place to complete your work while having a cup of freshly brewed coffee along with snacks such as acai bowls, sandwiches, and different thing for lunch and breakfast.  Coffee beans are roasted from a local roaster J.Martinez. We do recommend this place for working or studying.

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This place is situated near Inman Park where you get the best kinds of pastries and coffee of course. Their menu card consists of scones, croissants, Rishi tea, and lots of coffee varieties. You can surely work or study while sitting in a typical classroom like a chair with a coffee. This shop is located very near to Inman Park station. The space of the shop is quite spacious with wooden chairs and furniture. Do visit once!

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Chattahoochee Coffee Company:

This shop is said to be one of the best coffee shops just because of its location as it is situated at the spot from where it looks like a mountain hotel. You need to dial from the call box which is there at the gate and then wait for a moment to get in. The location of the shop is beautiful as it is located just beside the porch and near the bank of Chattahoochee. You can surely spend some quality time alone or with your family with greenery and the view of the river, wow! Amazing weekend. Highly recommended and absolutely worth place for spending your time and money. Sometimes work can be done though!

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Do visit these places, and enjoy your coffee and study as well.

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