Best Coffee Shops in Arizona for 2020 – Must Visit

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There are different factors which decide whether the coffee shop is the best or not. People differentiate coffee shops considering various factors such as the location of the coffee shop, the interior, the staff, and most importantly the taste and quality of the coffee. People may have different opinions on the factors of coffee shops.

The style of brewing, the items on the menu card and the overall surroundings usually decides whether the coffee shop is doing good or not. Some people may like the coffee shop which others may not like. We have various coffee shops located in Arizona, mostly in Phoenix. Let us run through the quick read to get your styled cup of coffee in Arizona;

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1. King Coffee, Tempe

This coffee shop reminds the college days as it serves the typical coffee in the not so awesome and spacious atmosphere. King’s café is the typical café which only works on quality and other things like interior, amazing seating arrangements, or any attractive things are not important to them. They use the roasted beans from Cortez Coffee, and the staff is well-skilled when it comes to brewing coffee and serving it to the sippers. The only thing which can disappoint some people is the smaller space; apart from that the staff is quite friendly and welcoming every time you visit the shop.

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Instagram: @kingcoffeeaz

king coffee

2. Cartel Coffee Lab

A little more developed coffee shop with all the expected interior including the wall that is created like bicycle wheels, hanging chandeliers, amazing decorative items, and a little more spacious make that all expectations true. This coffee shop attracts more serious people or coffee lovers rather than only students. They have their own big space in Tucson and Phoenix where people are all aware of the taste. This coffee shop truly is the best one to visit due to its location, surroundings, and for a cup of coffee of course!

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Instagram: @cartelcoffeelab

Cartel Coffee lab

3. Maverick Coffee, Scottsdale

This shop is the best one on the list of our recommendations and there is a reason for it. The coffee here is originated from San-Francisco. The shop is quite arranged in a comfortable and amazing atmosphere  once entered. The absolutely awesome thing about the shop is that the management has that pinch of discipline while serving a coffee, yet it is joyful at the same time you can surely relax and have fun with a cup of coffee and numbers of cuisines they have on their cards. The menu card consists of Swiss oatmeal and many other delicacies. The staff here is very friendly and arranges for various competitions every weekend. Amazingly the best coffee shop with the highest ratings.

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Instagram: @maverick_coffee_az

4. Giant Coffee, Phoenix

The amazingly great coffee shop with a beautiful and tidy space at the surroundings, spacious and airy at the same time. This coffee shop serves only the best in class coffees. The giant coffee shop takes care of the only thing and that is its quality, they are not ready to compromise on it. There are various menus listed on their cards which include mochas, barista milk, and pastries. You can have a chat with friends while having a coffee or can have a small meeting or work can be done in a shop. A must visit a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee with a lovely and airy atmosphere.

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Instagram: @giantcoffeeaz

Giant Coffee

5. Rollover Donuts

The makers of this shop are located where the place is quite airy, comfortable and spacious. The seating arrangement is perfectly managed and welcoming to all the guests wish to have a sip of their favorite coffee. This shop is being loved by the localities due to its taste and quality. The coffee is roasted from Press coffee roasters and milk is sourced from Danzeisen Dairy. This coffee shop is truly a combination of taste and quality. Visit once, as it is the finest coffee shop from the recommendation list.

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Instagram: @rolloverdoughnuts


6. Press Coffee, Tempe

This coffee shop is quite spacious and fully equipped with awesome and trendy decorative items, the best in class and comfortable seating arrangements, cobalt blue walls which particularly focuses on the Logo if the brand. The shop has not only concentrated on the interior, but the taste is the great in terms of quality as well. They serve Coffee those are region-centric and fulfill the typical press coffee shop expectation of the visitors. You just ask for your loves coffee style and it is been served by them for sure. You like the taste and quality of the coffee. This coffee shop is the perfect combination of quality, look and taste. You pick your sip and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Instagram: @presscoffee

Press coffee

7. Songbird Coffee and Tea, Phoenix 

This coffee shop is full of the amazing interior which includes trendy and awesome décor and the beautifully created interior. The makers of the coffee shop like to experiments over the taste and they try to explore and create newer taste and flavors every now and then. The menu card has various things such as coffee drinks, pastries of various flavors, and all the basic yet amazing items. They use Cortez Roasted coffee beans. Yet another highly recommended coffee shop from our list. Do visit once.

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Instagram: @songbirdcoffeehouse


These were the shops which we think are the best shops in Arizona. Try them and enjoy your type of coffee with the amazing and positive atmosphere. Keep sipping the delicious cup of coffee!

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Reviewed By Ashutosh Bhatt.