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Best Coffee Shop In New Jersey

Most of the people are choosy when it comes to make a choice between a good coffee and just a coffee, as we all know coffee is said to be the energy drink for many, as they feel amazing and refreshed after they have a cup of coffee to make their whole day just awesome and happily spent! Of course, choices are many, but making the accurate choice is quite tricky. We are here to help you, to make your perfect choice and have the best sip for the day; below-mentioned are some of the best coffee shops in New Jersey:


  1. Bubby’s Beanery, toms river

People who are in love with coffee and music at the same time, Bubby’s Beanery are the perfect place for them. Enjoying a cup of coffee with a nice and wow music is the main motto of this café. An owner himself is a great music lover, so he decided to blend his two favorite things, coffee, and music, and created Bubby’s Beanery. They have a variety of coffee and foods such as creamers, flavored syrup, donuts, bagels and rolls is also the best in taste. A shop is for them, who wish to have music with a cup of coffee. You can hangout and listen to music and have fun with your friends and dear once. Bubby’s Beanery I the best place to have peace and fun at the same time.


  1. Koffeewagon Roasters, Hasbrouck Heights

If you are roaming around somewhere near Hasbrouck Heights, then you are sure to visit this amazing coffee shop. They brew and roast their own coffee, which can be purchased in a pound bags. Coffee beans are roasted and brewed from various regions around the world making it the best quality coffee. The coffees can be taken in medium, dark, and light. There are two taps in which one pours cold brew and other is nitro-cold brew. The shop is famous for this unique concept as well. Visit once, and be a coffee lover!

Instagram: @koffeewagon

  1. Cool Beans International Coffees and Teas, Oradell

This coffee shop is combined with a trendy and out of the box furniture, bookcases, an old piano, and high tables. Apart from this, you can have your cup of Java with an alcohol in a combination. They have Kahlua, vodka, and even a chocolate liqueur, ginger beer, ancho chili, and spiced rum. Also, this coffee shop serves a variety of coffee flavors like lattes, espressos, cappuccinos, mochas, frozen hot chocolate, hot chocolate, and a tea as well. Foods like pastries, salads, wraps, and sandwiches are available.


  1. California Cold Co., Manalapan

The owner of this coffee brand has been a great coffee explorer around the world who has tasted coffee from various regions. Her name is Kristine Annunziata. After trying varied flavored coffee, she decided to open a coffee shop having different and unique varieties that can be enjoyed while hanging out with buddies or family. So, California Cold was the output with amazing varieties of coffees. They serve acai bowls, fruity pebbles in combination with peanut butter and chocolate hemp milk. Also, they have Goldrush cortado, Pomona, and an iced Americano as well. It is a must-try coffee shop to taste an awesome variety of coffee with a different and unique combination.

Instagram: @californiacoldco

  1. Death of the fox, East Greenwich Township

This coffee shop is full of old hunting lodges, leather coaches, and hunting frames which are framed nicely. People like to visit this coffee shop for a meeting, hanging out with buddies or just to have a cup of coffee with board games.

We can say there are varied people around us. Some people like beer, some like coffee, and some people like coffee and a beer both. If you are confused what you actually think of and what you are actually craving for, then Death of the Fix is an answer. They serve seasonal beers, espresso drinks, beverages, roasted coffee, and pour-over as well. The name of the shop is inspired by the history of the fox hunting which is showcased in the interior of the café as well.

Instagram: @deathofthefoxbrewingco

  1. Factory Fuel Co., Flemington

This coffee shop is situated inside 1930 Stangal pottery factory. This shop consists of artist-owned gallery and coffee like porters. They serve a variety of chais, teas, and coffees at a really low price. You can make choice between hopped nitro, which is a combination of varietals of coffee and a beer in order to form a coffee just like porters on tap. A coffee shop is situated in Flemington which has brewed and espresso-based coffee with unique variety.


  1. Trend Coffee & Tea House, Montclair

The shop is built in a standing house in 1860which serves coffees and teas. The shop is now equipped with couches chairs with tables, and the main attraction is their vintage and local art. You can read a book while having a sip of tea or a coffee as they have book-shelves as well. The menu has lemon lobster with Panini or in combination with spinach, roasted chicken noodle soup, mushroom, and three cheese quiche. You can enjoy a cup of tea or a coffee to satisfy and choose one of the food items for your hunger.


Coffee shops try to serve varied and unique coffee flavors as there are numbers of coffee lovers who believe in different combinations with a unique taste at the same time. Grabbing the cup of coffee of your choice with your favorite snack is always an icing on a cake. Grab your favorite coffee by recommending these coffee shops in New Jersey and enjoy every sip of it!

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