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Best Coffee Shop In Midtown New York

Coffee is not just a drink, rather it’s a feeling, and that feeling must be awesome. Making coffee at home and having it somewhere in the café is a totally different experience. There are numbers of cafes available in midtown New York, serving varieties of coffee to satisfy your urge for coffee. Picking the correct one that best suits your style and matches your taste is a tough task. But we are here to make it simple and quick. We have listed some of the best coffee shops in midtown New York, according to us those can surely be your choice:

  1. Blue Bottle Coffee, Rockefeller Plz:

If you want to spend your heavy routine day by having coffee at the beginning, and of course you are not ready to compromise on quality, then the Blue Bottle Coffee has gotten two branches, one is near Rockefeller Center and another is at Bryant Park on 40th St. This coffee shop is famous and loved by its followers due to its quality and taste which never changes and makers work hard to keep it as it is. You should not miss this coffee if you are willing to have a refreshing start of the day with its sip.

Instagram: @bluebottle

  1. Bibble and sip, 252W 51st St

Not only coffee, but you need to have some awesome and delicious food to run through the day. Then Bibble and sip is the perfect solution. If you are wishing to have a coffee and some bites of yummy pastries or puffs, then you can surely visit this café. They have a variety of coffee and pastries to make your day full of awesome and tasty food. Even they serve baked cream puffs, with numbers of variables.  Their jasmine matcha is a must try the drink. Visit it once, and be its regular customer for sure.

Instagram: @bibbleandsip

  1. Ninth Street Espresso, 109 E 56th St

Comparatively tiny, but equally delicious taste is the main attraction of Ninth Street Espresso, which is located below Lombardy Hotel. For your coffee urge, it is the best place to hang and have your styled cup of coffee. Oops, do not forget, they don’t take cards, so please carry some cash if you want to buy this equally yummy cup of coffee at the start of your day. Their macchiato is a must try drink. Ninth Street Espresso is located on 109, 56th St in Midtown New York. Always be with cash, if you do not want to miss this brown yummy stuff.

Instagram: @ninthstreetespresso

  1. Bluestone Lane, 805 3rd Ave

Bluestone Lane has gotten two places in Midtown New York, one is at Bryant Park and another is at Meredith Building. Even they have branches near downtown as well. If you want to have a fresh kick start to your hectic day, then Bluestone is the never miss place situated on 3rd Ave. Their Avocado smash should be tried must at least once. For the fresh start and for the midday drink, you can surely visit Bluestone Lane. Grab your cup of freshly made coffee and get ready for the day ahead.

Instagram: @bluestonelane


  1. Simon Sips, New York

Sometimes, it is only important to have a tasty and great cup of coffee, and not the area or architecture. If you are one of them, then Simon Sips is a place where you get a nice and yummy cup of coffee, but location and area are comparatively smaller and hidden then other cafes. Their pastries and latte are the must-try items on the menu card. The café is located below an office building on the 46th and 47th Ave. As said earlier, the shop is not made to be attractive, but the taste of coffee is surely the attractive thing. You can baffle, finding the place at the beginning, but once found, repeat visits are sure.

Instagram: @simonsipsnyc

  1. Toby’s Estate coffee, New York

The specialty of this coffee is that they roast their coffee in Brooklyn and they have gotten various locations throughout New York. One is near Urban space Vanderbilt. You can visit this shop and have coffee, pastries with various varieties as well as Affogato (coffee on the ice cream!) is one of the best choices to be made. You can choose pastry of your choice, as they have gotten numbers of varieties for it. Another choice re you can have just an ice cream or just a coffee flavored milkshake. To have a successful visit to this shop, you must try all these for the sake of good coffee.

Instagram: @tobysbrooklyn

  1. Taylor St. baristas, midtown New York

The shop is located in the midtown with a mezzanine and a nice arrangement of seating. Taylor Street is mainly situated in London and has various branches in Midtown New York. They have a variety of coffee and food such as avocado toast, grain bowl, lamb with a cucumber salad, and many more varieties. The seating arrangement is quite amazing giving the relaxing and refreshing feeling at the same time. The disco ball at the shop helps in reducing the stress level of the office going people, maybe!


These and there are many more, but we recommend these shop as they are tried and tested by us. Of course, other shops are sure to have a nice, delicious taste and variety. Explore them and be the proud coffee lover!


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