Aicok Espresso Machine Reviews: Features, Pros, and Cons for 2020

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Coffee aficionados know that with the right machine, there’s nothing better than a fresh brewed cup of espresso in the comfort of your own home. The trick is finding the best espresso machine that fits your budget while providing all of the functions you’re looking for.

The Aicok Espresso Machine is a mid-range machine that comes loaded with the features that matter for coffee drinkers without a big price tag, making it an ideal place for beginners looking to bring the coffeehouse experience home.

Aicok Espresso Machine Features

AICOK Espresso Machine, Cappuccino Coffee Maker with Milk Steamer Frother, 15 Bar Pump Latte and Moka Machine, Stainless Steel, Warm Top for Cup Placing, 1050W

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The Aicok Espresso Machine comes fully loaded with lots of functions and features designed to deliver the complete espresso experience. Here are some of the top features:

  • Espresso and cappuccino machine with milk frother and settings to make lattes and moka
  • 15 bar high pressure pump to extract every bit of flavor in your espresso
  • Double spout allows for two espressos to be made at a time
  • The 43-ounce reservoir is enough for 7 six-ounce cups of espresso without having to add more water
  • High power functionality with 1050 watts to heat water incredibly fast
  • Streamlined stainless steel design will fit in with any kitchen decor
  • 2 year limited warranty included with dedicated customer service for the life of the machine
  • Approximately 12.5 pounds, measures 15.2 x 14.8 x 11.5 inches


The Aicok Espresso Machine is a compact espresso maker that is perfect for household use, but more importantly it has been designed for beginners. It’s a perfect starter machine for coffee lovers who want to elevate their coffee game from the standard coffee maker to a machine that not only makes espresso and cappuccino but also lattes and moka. The milk frother is also a great feature with lots of uses beyond making coffee.

Another major selling point for this machine is that it falls on the lower end of the $100-200 price range, which is a great starting point for a beginner machine.

On that note, the Aicok Espresso Machine is the ideal place to learn more about brewing your own espresso and cappuccino at home before investing more money in another machine. This is where you learn what you like, which functions and features are important and which ones you can live without.


The Aicok Espresso Machine isn’t fancy. Though it looks nice and delivers a good cup of espresso, it’s not a high-end machine and it shows through in the features and functions that are missing.

  • Doesn’t come with standard features like a timer, built-in grinder or automatic shut off
  • Only uses ground coffee and won’t work with pods

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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on the Aicok Espresso Machine is split between customers who loved the product and those who felt it was lacking.

Here are some of the favorable things customers had to say about the Aicok machine:

  • Great espresso machine for beginners
  • Easy to use (once you know how to use it)
  • Cup can be preheated on top of the machine prior to use
  • The machine doesn’t come with a lot of extra functions (clock, timer, built-in grinder, etc) so the focus of the machine is on the coffee.
  • Great for basic espresso, cappuccino and lattes
  • Customer service was responsive and willing to replace parts and machines that arrives defective

Not all the feedback was positive. These are some of the unfavorable things people had to say about the Aicok Espresso Machine:

  • Several reviewers reported receiving faulty machines with little support from the manufacturer
  • Hard to understand instructions
  • Tendency to leak, especially if coffee grounds are near the maximum level of the filter
  • You have to stop it manually when the shots are done, which means they can be watery
  • You can only perform one function at a time, so you have to choose whether you’re going to brew coffee or froth the milk first
  • Doesn’t make iced coffee
  • There is some question about whether the water gets hot enough to successfully brew espresso, with various reports of water temperatures around 130 degrees. This could be due to a faulty heating element.

The feedback on the Aicok Espresso Machine suggests that there’s a good chance the machine could arrive with either a defect or insufficient instructions to get started, but over half the reviewers gave it a rating of four or five stars and stated that it delivered a nice cup of espresso.