How to grind coffee beans without grinder

Having a bad day because you didn’t get your morning coffee today?

A cup of coffee becomes a necessary fuel when it comes to giving a kickass start to the day. The trouble-free method to get the best taste of a coffee is to grind the coffee beans in a proper grinder. But what if your coffee grinder stops working or you are somewhere out where there is no excess to it?

Not to worry, you still have got a number of ways to grind the coffee beans so that your daily routine of ‘First I need coffee’ doesn’t break. So let’s have a look at some alternate methods you can apply to get a freshly prepared coffee.

Below are several ways to grate coffee beans without a grinder.

  • Blender
  • Hand mincer
  • Food processor
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Rolling pin
  • Hammer
  • Meat tenderizer

Method 1: Using a Blender

A blender is largely used for blending vegetables, for making shakes or soups. But this is not the only use of it. You can use it to grind the coffee beans as well.

Put a small amount of coffee in the blender and blend it. Cover the lid of the blender so that beans don’t come out with a bang. Start blending the beans after every 10th second because continuous blending can overcook the coffee beans.

Blender is usually used to bring off coarse grind but you can grind it till you get the right consistency of your choice.

Always remember to wash the blender thoroughly after the use to remove the aroma of the coffee. Wash out with water properly and carefully. Most of the blenders can be washed in the dishwashers as well.

Method 2: Using a Hand Mincer

Hand mincers may not be common as these days but you can find one for sure in olden times. Hand grinding is really a simple method to grind coffee beans. First, put some beans in the hopper and try-out the settings with a few starts so that you’re able to adjust according to the consistency you want for the coffee beans. Start rotating the crank until you get the perfect evenness. The method surely needs some extra effort and one has to do it a number of times to get the desired grind.

Because of its small and easy to carry feature it makes hand mincers a perfect choice for the travelers. Though they don’t give the evenest uniformity comparable to the automatic grinders but is ideal for those who still want to enjoy a quality cup of coffee.

A little slow process which may take time than the automatic one but with a little patience and ease you can have the grind of your choice. Remember not use the product if the glass portion gets cracked. Rough mesh cleaner is harsh to the glass, so try to avoid that.

Method 3: Using a Food Processor

A food processor is something which is found in every kitchen nowadays and is primarily used to save time and workload. To start with the process first make sure that your food processor is designed to grind coffee beans (read the manual instructions).

A food processor is best used to grind coffee beans for making a French Press. Measure the beans and grind at a count of every 10-20 seconds. A food processor is ideal for a coarse grind.

Method 4: Using a Mortar and pestle

This tried and tested method was earlier used by pharmacists to grind medicines, herbs, and spices but also helpful in grinding coffee beans. It’s beating and swirling motion helps to get the most consistent texture of the coffee beans.

Put a few beans in the mortar, with one hand covering a side of the mortar and pestle in the other start crushing the beans otherwise beans would start flying in the other corner of the room.

Once done with crushing begin with rolling of the beans in a clockwise direction to get the correct texture. With a fine and extra fine grind, mortar and pestle are best used to make an espresso or a drip coffee.

So if you are thinking of buying a mortar and pestle, put money into one made of ceramic material because it will help grinding beans quickly and is easy to clean and use.

Method 5: Using a Rolling Pin

Rolling pin can be easily found in every kitchen for sure and because of its circular surface, it makes the crushing bit easy. With a right amount of coffee beans put them in a ziplock bag. In case you don’t have ziplock bag use sheets or parchment paper.

Keep the bag flat on the table and start hammering the beans. Once crushing is done, with a little more pressure begin rolling the pin back and forth until desired consistency is met. If you don’t have a rolling pin, solid glass bottle or a food can also work.

Method 6: Using a hammer

Grinding coffee beans with the help of hammer is quite similar to the rolling pin method. To begin the process, put a right amount of coffee beans in the plastic bag and put the bag between two towels.

Allow little amount of air to enter the bag so that it can form a flat surface easily. Start hammering the beans in a downward position and crush them till you the right texture of the beans. Once done with one side, flip it to the other side to get a consistent grind.

Because of the shaky movement, this method is unable to give a fine mixture so if you are looking to get coarse grind, hammering can help.

Method 7: Using a Butcher Knife

A large butcher knife with a wide and sharp knife can also be helpful for crushing the beans in case you are having no other options. Put some beans on the wooden cutting board.

Lay your flat palm on the knife press it to crack the beans. Continue to apply pressure on the beans to get a medium or medium-fine grind. This method is proved helpful in making a good drip coffee.

Steadiness in grinding the coffee beans can help you to get the best possible flavor of the coffee.

So if you believe that you have a bad start to your day because your coffee grinder is not working, don’t panic, these alternate methods can be a helpful source.


For a good coarse grind, the blender can be of the best use because grinding in small gush can get you the finest grind for your coffee.

For fine grind, mortar and pestle can be best used to get the same consistency that a grinder can give.

22 Best Coffee Subscription Services for 2018!

Here’s a fact: over 200,000 people suffer from an anxiety attack every year due to running out of coffee. While that might not be true, all coffee lovers feel the pain of running out of coffee just when you need it.

A weekly or monthly coffee subscriptions is a great way to ensure that you’re always stocked up with a good variety of coffee to give your day a great start.

Fortunately for us, there have been a LOT of new players joining the specialty coffee subscription business which gives us, the coffee lovers, a huge choice to pick from at competitive pricing…..but then which one is worth your love?

We’ve tried and reviewed the top 24 coffee subscription services so that you don’t have to!

Atlas Coffee Club

If you’re anything like me, the first thing you do when you visit a new place is taste their coffee and keep a mental note of it. Tasting coffee is one of the top things I look forward to doing whenever I visit a new culture.

Atlas Coffe Club brings you the same experience without doing all the tiresome travel. The coffee subscription company curates single origin fresh coffee beans from around the world, batch them according to tasting profiles and ship them to you either on a bi-monthly or a monthly basis.

You can pick how much you want, how often you want it, roast of your preference and finally you can choose whether you want whole beans or ground coffee.

A 12oz single bag (which will give you around 30 cups) costs around $14. They currently have a promotion code going on “atlasholiday10” that will give you $10 off on your first shipment, so basically, you can test them out for just $4.

If you’ve ever searched for coffee subscription services on Google, you’ve probably come across Crema. Everybody recommends them and for all the right reasons.

Crema is itself a love child of a coffee lover, Tyler Tate who teamed up Bryan Rehbein and Emily McIntyre to create a brand that not only sells fresh single origin coffee but also the story that’s behind the coffee that’s being delivered to you.

I believe that this concept resonates with people who care about their coffee and brings them closer to the people who work hard every day to bring it to them.

You start by choosing the kind of roast and flavors you prefer, and then you’re presented with a menu of coffee that matches your selections. Now, from that selection, you can pick either one or multiple coffees to try out.

You can set the delivery frequency for set intervals between every five days to a month depending on your preference.

A regular single coffee delivery would cost you around $16-20 for a 12oz package.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee Subscription

I’m not a big fan of Starbucks, and maybe it stems from just my aversion to the big corporates but I know we have a lot of Starbucks fanboys, and if you’re one of them, then this is for you.

Starbucks brings you hand-selected coffee beans at a flat price of $19 for an 8oz package which is delivered fresh, under 48 hours of roasting them in their base roastery in Seattle. The price is a notch up from the other services that we have reviewed, a lot of which give you the option to customise your coffee as per your palate.

Moustache Coffee Club

The Moustache Coffee Club is serious about their coffee, and it shows. They claim to bring you the BEST coffee from around the world, roasted at one of the most premium roasteries.

Their pricing is on the more premium side, i.e., $19 for a 12oz bag but they’re one of the few subscription services that ships internationally.

At the moment, you can pick coffee from 6 different origins that were in stock, but overall they seemed to have over 65 single origin coffee beans to choose from.

If you’re an international coffee lover, Moustache coffee club is an excellent option for you.

Angels Cup

Angels’ Cup is probably the biggest collection of specialty coffee you’ll find from a subscription company. At this moment, they have over 330 coffee options to pick from, but they don’t say much about what you’re bound to like, and it’s a game of trial and error. Honestly, that’s a turn off for me; it’s a lot of work to pick the one that I’m more likely to love.

However, they do offer sample mini packages for tasting, but I think Crema and Atlas Coffee Club do a better job of delivering coffee that suits my taste without the hassle of multiple shippings or playing guess.

You can get a 12oz pack of your selected coffee for $20 and it ships within 3-4 days of roasting. If you know what you want and Angels Cup has it, it’s probably one of the better services out there to get you what you want, on time, fresh.

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

BlueBottleCoffee is one of those companies who know their business inside out. The best part of their service is that they offer a multitude of options from which you can pick your favorite ones.

From geography curated collections to single origin beans to specialty blends, if you’re looking for something new and refreshing, then Blue Bottle Coffee has a lot to bring to the table.

However, if you’re planning to go with Blue Bottle Coffee, I’d recommend you get going with their starters kit. Yes, it’s $100, BUT you get six bags of whole bean coffee and everything you’ll need to brew it at your home followed by six weeks of fresh coffee delivered to you at $15 per package.

If like me, you already have a brewing kit, it makes sense just to get the subscription straight away.

Roast Coffee and Tea Company

The Roast Coffee and Tea Company bring you medium roasted single origin coffee and blends from Kenya and Guatemala.

With pricing starting from just $14 for a 1 pound bag, they’re one of the budget options out there.

We didn’t find them as fancy or customizable as the other services out there, and if you’re looking for a no-hassle service and just need your coffee delivered to you for cheap, these might be the guys for you!


One of the better brands we came across during our research, CitizenBean has received positive feedback from both critics and users alike.

The monthly subscription will bring you both single origin beans and blends and contains a one-pound bag of coffee and a variety of gifts like herbs, food samples and coffee accessories that accentuate your buying experience.

However, they only have long-term subscription plans that start from 3 months and go all the way for 12 months, but it is priced as a premium coffee subscription service. You can expect to pay at least $80 for your first three months (3 pounds) of subscription.


CraftCoffee is probably the oldest player in the specialty coffee subscription business and for all the right reasons. They’ve been operating since 2010 and that gives them a lot of cred and experience when it comes to bringing you a great selection of freshly roasted coffee beans every single month.

The pricing is set to be competitive, with their samplers priced at just $24.99 for three 4-ounce sample bags and the 12 oz bags priced at a modest $6-12. Their most expensive single origin coffee is priced at $20.

When you sign up with them, you get to pick your favorite roasters and your favorite coffee and with that information they provide you with the best match for your taste which contains both blends and single origin coffees.

You can pick up to 3 different coffees for a single order and then choose whether you’d like to receive whole beans or grinds for french press/cone filter/flat bottom filter. Once done, you’ll be asked to decide how frequently you’d like your coffee to be delivered.

BeanBox is a no-hassle coffee subscription service that delivers you one of their hand-picked gourmet coffees roasted by Seattle’s best roasters.

You can pick what sort of a roast you like and how frequently you receive your coffee. Also, you get an assortment of varieties to choose. You can find most coffee subscriptions between $15-23.

If you don’t know what you’d like to get, I’d recommend going through their best seller list(insert link here) to see what’s popular among their users or you can go to their single origins section and read through the reviews of individual coffees to find the best one for you!

Gradys ColdBrew

Fan of Cold Brew? Grady’s Cold brew is a fun, hip cold brew coffee subscription service that brings you strong cold brew coffee in a beautiful packaging.

They offer 3, 6 and 12-month ColdBrew Kits starting at around $85, which is relatively competitive pricing.

They’re the only ColdBrew coffee subscription service we came across, and it’s probably the only one worth noticing.

Driftaway Coffee

If you’re new to the world of tasting coffee, Driftaway Coffee is the best way to get going.As a start, they’ll send you a set of four sampler with different taste profiles which you can taste and take a note of what you prefer.

Once you have your selection in place, you can subscribe to coffee of that flavor profile.

The best part is that they add a new coffee to every flavor profile, so you get to taste something new every single month.

For your weekly, bi-monthly or a monthly coffee subscription, you can pick from two shipment sizes, a 22 cups package that costs $16 or a 32 cups package that costs around $19 per shipment.

Once done, you can select the shipment method to suit your budget.

However, they offer whole beans only so you’ll have to arrange for the grinding of those beans yourself.

I prefer to grind them myself because I’ve found that way the freshness is maintained for a little longer.


Mistobox is one of our top recommendations. A simple, no-bullshit coffee subscription service that allows you to customise everything while simplifying the options as per your needs and budget.

For example, you can pick your coffee from four different options, i.e., Single origin, Espresso, Blends or have them pick the best one’s for you.

Furthermore, you can even have them sent over to you by your budget. So, if you don’t mind spending a little more for great coffee, then you can go with the luxury pricing tier and have gourmet coffee which matches your preferences sent to you instead of a generic variation.

Given the different pricing tiers, the basic tier will cost you $16, the Deluxe tier will cost you around $18 per shipment (which is competitive), and the exclusive tier would cost you $22.

Brothers Coffee

If you care about the environment and the people behind your cup of coffee who cultivate and roast your coffee for you, then you’d love Brothers Coffee.

They just as much pride in bringing a positive social impact as they do in bringing you a great coffee experience month after month.

They offer a pretty straightforward service where you pick how much coffee you need, roasted just the way you like and how often you’d like to get it.

Counter Culture

Another popular coffee subscription service that allows you to pick your preferred coffee to be it single origin (which they change every four weeks) or a blend based on the flavor notes you like.

You get to select how much coffee you need to be delivered, and the term and you’re done. The pricing starts from $13 and goes up from there.

Counter Culture also offers one-off purchase options where you can buy your favorite coffee directly from their store.

Heart Roasters

No customisations and a weekly subscription for a minimum of 3 months, I’m not sure how they’re planning to compete with the plethora of competition that offers a lot more value to their clients.

But if you have tasted their coffee and you know what you like, they offer a quick way to get the job done.

Collected Coffee

Collected Coffee is more targeted towards a coffee connoisseur than a regular consumer.

Every month, they go scouting all around the world to find a coffee that brings an intriguingly new experience.

Then they experiment with different brewing methods to select the one that’s then sent to their roasters to be prepared for you.

Their subscriptions start at just $23 and for a truly rare experience, it’s a price worth paying for. At the moment, they aren’t taking up any new subscriptions but do check them out, in case you’re in luck.

Phil & Sebastian

Started by a couple of coffee nerds who care about their primary source of caffeine, Phil and Sebastian have built a business that understands your needs because it serves theirs.

They take pride in picking the right coffee for you, roasting it just the way you like and getting it delivered to you every month.

While priced at $26 for a 12-ounce bag of coffee, they’re one of the more premium priced services out there.

However, if you know what you want and you don’t like to be surprised, you can also purchase your favorite coffee directly from their store.

Nomad Coffee Club

Love surprises? Nomad Coffee Club brings you a different whole bean coffee every single month, roasted in the heart of Los Angeles.

There’s nothing really special about their brand, but they do care a lot about sustainable sourcing, and they do ensure that the farmers behind your coffee get their fair share of the profits.

The subscription is priced at $18 for which you get a 12oz bag of whole bean coffee delivered to you every month.


If gourmet coffee is your thing, then you have to checkout Angelino’s. They bring you a huge variety of flavor profiles for you to choose from, at a competitive price.

Starting as low as $.39 for the fine gourmet coffee they offer, it’s hard to complain about the bang-for-your-buck you get with Angelino’s.

However, they’re only a good fit as long as you own a keurig coffee maker. In case you don’t have one, read our keurig coffee maker reviews before getting a subscription.

White Tale coffee.

The team behind White Tale Coffee cares about what they deliver. About their subscription offers, while they do not let you pick the exact coffee you’d like (I’d recommend if that’s what you’re looking for).

White Tale coffee eases off the decision making the process by letting you decide what kind of a roast you like, what flavor notes tickle your taste buds and the type of ground you need to suit the way you want to brew your coffee.

And finally, you get to pick whether you’d like your coffee to be delivered weekly, twice a month or once a month.

Their subscription payments start at $20 per delivery which is higher than the norm.

Mix Cups

Just as the name suggests, Mix Cups brings you an assortment of coffee varieties to try out every single month.

We’d suggest you go with the 30 single-cup package that will cost you around $30, so that’s just a dollar for a cup of hand-picked gourmet coffee.

You can make your picks from two options; the first one is a flavored assortment and the second one is an unflavored assortment.

Once you’ve made your pick, then you have to decide how frequently you’d like to receive your coffee.

However, What we don’t like about this service is the sheer lack of customisability that it offers.

We don’t know what to expect in our delivery, and the minimum supply we can order is monthly.