How to clean your Keurig?

Not sure how to clean your Keurig coffee maker so it once again produces lip smacking coffee? Here’s everything you should do.

Does your coffee not tickle your taste buds like it did when you first bought your Keurig? Has your coffee lost the refreshing aroma? Well, it’s not the beans or your taste buds that are the problem but rather your coffee maker itself.

But no, you don’t need a new keurig coffee maker yet, you simply need to clean your machine and here are the different ways to clean it.

General Cleaning

  • For this, you need to disassemble the brewer which you can learn in the video given below.
  • Once you’ve disassembled it you need to give each part like the K-cup holder, funnel, drip tray etc. a thorough wash.
  • While the K-cup holder only needs to be rinsed with hot water the drip tray, funnel etc. can be dipped in soapy water but ensure they are cleaned and dried well before reassembly.
  • Ensure the holes of the exit needle are free from all debris using a paper clip.
  • Give the exterior parts of the coffee maker a good wipe with a damp and dry cloth.
  • Reassemble the machine correctly. Next, here’s what you should do.

Learn to disassemble your Keurig the easy way


Descale the coffee maker

One of the most effective ways to clean your Keurig coffee maker and ensure long lasting performance is to descale it every 2-3 months using vinegar or a descaler solution.

Descaling helps removes the grime and residue stuck on the interior of the coffee maker which in turn lowers brewing and heating efficiency.

  • Fill the reservoir with about 300-500 ml vinegar depending on the size of your machine and start the brewing process.
  • We’d suggest you use ceramic cups rather than K-Cups for the descaling process.
  • Once you start the brewing process turn off the machine and let the vinegar rest in the brewer for about 20-25 minutes. Turn it back on and hit the ‘Brew” button again.
  • Drain the hot vinegar down the sink.
  • Once that’s complete perform another rinse using vinegar.
  • This time when your coffee maker shows the ‘add water’ indication pause the brewing and let the vinegar rest in the machine for about 5-6 hours. Clear off the remaining hot vinegar once done.
  • After the second rinse, clear off the vinegar residue by running the brewing process using clean hot water. Again, avoid using the K-Cup. Brew 3-4 times and then 2-3 times with cold water to get rid of the vinegar taste.

Still confused? Check out the descaling process in detail in the video below

Brew Coffee like Never Before with These 7 Hot Tips

Whether you have the most expensive of brewers or the best of coffee beans there’s always a few tweaks that’ll help you make your coffee bolder and tastier. So throw that yucky cup of caffeine out of the window, hold off the barista equipment you’ve been brooding and follow these 7 hot tips about for a better cup of morning joe.

Buy the right beans

Beans and I’ll repeat the BEANS play the most important role in the taste of any coffee cup. Get cheaper beans and your coffee is bound to taste bleh even with the fanciest of coffee makers and grinders.

Not sure how to find the right beans? Well first and foremost check the place of origin on the bag. Also look for the roasting date. Most experts suggest consuming the beans within 14-15 days of it being roasted.

Apart from that ensure no oil on the bean surface and if you’d like a little more of the coffee taste we’d recommend you switch to medium roast beans. Here a few more tips to help you find the perfect beans.


Keep your coffee maker clean

Your coffee maker plays an important role in the grinding and extraction process but even the best of coffee makers tend to hold on to grime and residue with each brewing process which tends to alter coffee taste over time.

Thus regular maintenance of your coffee maker is a must. Make sure the filter, drip tray, drip dish etc. are given good wash end of each day and also descale the machine every 5-6 months with lime and vinegar solution.


Talk to coffee fanatics

Whether it is your nearby coffee shop or another coffee enthusiast like you people are always up for a conversation. From the beans to the coffee maker, grinder etc. you should be using, find the right people and you’ll have a completely different outlook about making coffee at home.

Most coffee shops such as Starbucks etc. sell their coffee beans. Get in touch with them about it, the machines and gear they use and if you’ve got a friend, maybe, you could also get a demo.

Switch to a cold brew

There’s a cold wave taking over the coffee world. In other words, it’s the age of the cold brew and no we aren’t talking about iced coffee. In fact, a cold brew is a completely different process.

Here the mixture of coarsely ground coffee beans and fresh water is set to rest for about for about a day before it is filtered. This results in a coffee that is less acidic, bolder and awesome than before.

cold brew


Grind it right

Once the beans are ground it starts to lose its taste and aroma so if you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee, grind your beans just before brewing. Most coffee aficionados will recommend using burr grinders.

That is because these grinders tend to grind coffee uniformly especially if you prefer a coarser grind and provide you with greater control over the process as compared to a blade grinder. Check our range of the best coffee grinders to know more about these grinders.

5 Signs you’re hooked to coffee and can’t live without it

Caffeine addiction isn’t something new and unlike most drug addictions isn’t exactly dangerous to health or life threatening either but that thought of needing a substance to function right may not be the best feeling either and being addicted to caffeine is easier than you’d imagine.

So how do you know if you’re addicted? Here are the signs to watch out for.

Missing the early morning cup gets your head banging

If the first thing you wake up to the soothing aroma of the coffee, dealing with an agonizing headache is the worst thing on days you miss it. It’s actually a withdrawal symptom and according to experts is experienced by more than 50%-60% of coffee lovers on days they skip their early morning cup of joe.

This is mainly because of the variation in blood flow to and from the brain. To be precise, lack of caffeine heightens blood flow.


Missing it makes you a grumpy a**

Have you ever been in one those moods where you simply hate everything and anything after waking up? Is the reason not getting your coffee dose early morning? Well then yes you’re addicted.

This is because caffeine stimulates the dopamine receptors aka the pleasure center of your mind and not getting the daily dose means the body now the body depends on the regular functioning to do so which then results in the grumpy and irritated mood.

It hampers your concentration

Have you ever felt lethargic or experienced a ‘brain fog’ at work without coffee? Concentration and alertness are important to succeed and for any coffee addict even getting out of bed may seem impossible on days the coffee goes missing.

Lack of focus or lethargy occurs because caffeine provides an adrenaline boost which in turn helps with better focus and alertness.

Your coffee intake has increased significantly

Be it coffee, tea, drugs or even food, the more the intake the more your body grows tolerant to it and thus to feel the satisfaction you did before you need to increase your consumption.

Is one cup of coffee not enough to wake you up anymore? Do you not feel the same alertness or focus like before? If yes, what do you do, face the withdrawals or just give in to your cravings?

Thought of giving it up scares you

Goodbyes are tough, especially to things you love or in this case addicted to and often tend to freak us out. So don’t give up just yet but instead slowly cut back your consumption.

Coffee, as compared to many other beverages, is healthier when consumed in the right amounts and thus not something we’d recommend you give up on completely. Experts recommend 8 ounces. Understand your body and if needed get expert help.

Here are a few tips to help you overcome withdrawal symptoms