How to Pick the Right French Press Coffee Maker

Looking for a french press? Before you do so do check out our tips on how to pick the right French Press Coffee Maker.

In the earlier times, the French Press was used to be made of glass or plastic pot and even of the same size, but nowadays we are having all sorts of options. French press is not of the coffee methods that many of the people happen to know widely.

Of all the wide range of articles and equipment like home espresso machines, keurig coffee makers available for coffee making, French press still happens to be one of the easiest options to select after all these years. The coffee making method is the easiest to make in French press we believe.

For this article, we have divided the French press into three categories: The Road Warrior, The Traveler and the Glass and Steel French Press.

People can have a large French press for the guests coming over and a smaller one which will serve you for smaller needs like a cup of coffee for your own and even for an office desk.

Despite the sizes of the French press might differ but the taste of the coffee by these is pretty much the same all along. We can tell you from the experience that no matter how many people made coffee in your French press, it will taste quite the same for everyone unless the filter seal of the press is tight.

The quality of the coffee, the consistency of the grinding of beans and the water to coffee ratio are very important things to consider.

When you have a French press which doesn’t make the coffee quite what you like, we recommend you to see the articles for troubleshooting of press first before you decide to buy a new one.

#1 : The Road Warrior

The Road Warrior

This is the small form of the French press which you can carry while you are on the road. May be to keep one in your car. A classic one is an all-in-one French Press travel mug.

The only negative thing about these is, it doesn’t have a good seal. Some of the ground coffee might come into your coffee mug once the seal is loose. And the next thing you know, you will be spitting those out.

Thankfully, a company named Bodum has done the work for you. Their French press not only keeps your mug hot but also keeps the ground coffee out of your drink. You can check out the other company’s product as well if they offer the same deal.

The only negative side to this is, you cannot brew more than 15 ounces of coffee at once. If you have to take more than that amount of coffee, you probably should brew it on a bigger one at your home and carry a thermos.

#2 : Glass and Steel French Press

Steel French Press

The most important and the most widely used French press is for your domestic kitchen. Everyone obviously wants the ideal French press for their kitchen or office where they spend the maximum time. First thing is first, pick whether you want a stainless steel or a glass brewer.

If you like to see your while its getting brewed, pick the glass press. But you also need to consider that is there a child or a pet at your home that can shatter the glass press. If so, you might want to reconsider as glass can and will break someday. If that’s fine with you, go ahead!

On the other hand, you won’t be able to see your coffee getting brewed in a stainless steel press and the positive side it that it would not break or shatter.

Go, brew that great cup of coffee!

Glass French Press

#3 : The Traveler

When it comes to traveling, you need to consider that the French press you consider should have the most important qualities of durability and portability. The last thing that you want is the broken pieces of glass in your luggage.

The road warrior is a good option if you are traveling alone whereas if you enjoy a big mug of coffee then you can consider taking the press which has a higher volume.


Brand Alert: 7 Commercial Espresso Machine Brands making a dent in the Coffee Industry

Need an espresso machine for your cafe or restaurant? Take a look at the 7 brands that have been creating waves in the coffee industry.

 If you are a small restaurant and cafe owner and looking to buy a commercial espresso maker for your cafe, then you are at the right place. There are so many stores and websites selling espresso makers of one or another kind.

When you need a perfect machine for your cafe or bistro, it can be hard to know which machine to buy. Sometimes a best home espresso machine can be used for commercial purpose, but many times it’s not.

If you have a small bistro or coffee shop, you will be able to get by with less flashy or smaller devices than the bigger companies would use.

It all comes down to what you need while you shop. Here we have listed down the top brands of coffee machines for commercial purposes.

#1 : Gaggia

Gaggia is an Italian company that makes espresso, cappuccino machines and also small kitchen appliance. The company is owned by Saeco International group, a division of Dutch electronics giant Philips.

#2 : Rancilio

Rancilio has an extensive range of commercial espresso machines that offer different features.  From the fully loaded feature rich Classed 10 model that is ultimate in functioning, to the simple semi-automatic Epoca pour over the model, there is a Rancilio espresso machine suited to any coffee shop.

The Rancilio line of espresso machines offers many options including compact versions of some machines, tall versions and removable side flaps to optimize the use of counter space.

#3 : Astoria Commercial Espresso Machines

General espresso equipment was incorporated in 1995 to become the most reliable supplier of commercial espresso in America. The company has a modern facility on over five acres with distribution warehouse, training center, testing department and a showroom with a working cafe.

Astoria Commercial Espresso

All espresso machines are built to US specifications with ETL and UL listings for sanitation and safety under NSF listing. The espresso machines are offered in different models from manual to semi-automatic, automatic volumetric and fully automatic in varying sizes from compact to one, two or three brewing heads to fit all applications.

All espresso machines are built to US specifications with ETL and UL listings for sanitation and safety under NSF listing. The espresso machines are offered in different models from manual to semi-automatic, automatic volumetric and fully automatic in varying sizes from compact to one, two or three brewing heads to fit all applications.

The espresso machines are offered in different models from manual to semi-automatic, automatic volumetric and fully automatic in varying sizes from compact to one, two or three brewing heads to fit all applications.

#4 : FAEMA Commercial Espresso Machines

FAEMA was founded in 1945 by Carlo Valente in Milan, Italy. FAEMA is famous for constant technological innovation and uncompromising craftsmanship and quality in commercial espresso machines. The

The FAEMA compact line features machines with smaller footprints when space is less. This line includes the smallest

This line includes the smallest FAEMA  Enova espresso machines and new FAEMA Smart Automatic which are a newly restyled version of FAEMA Smart Espresso Machines.

#5 : Cimbali Commercial Espresso Machines

Cimbali is building machines since 1912. Cimbali has a strong reputation for very high-quality solid espresso machines. Cimbali has a full line of equipment from elegant, innovative machines to patented one’s super automatics.

Cimbali provides espresso machine line to meet the needs of any market from moderate volume coffee shops, to large volume restaurant service.


#6 : La Pavoni Commercial Espresso Machines

La Pavoni started commercial espresso machine industry in 1905. La Pavoni supplies the same Italian commercial espresso machines in the U.S.

The La Pavoni Espresso offers different models like ‘Compact’ line comprises of original La Pavoni Pub model made for constrained space, for moderate espresso business.

‘Bar T’ series of La Pavoni is traditional full sized espresso machine. Bar Star is thy newly updated and fancier updated model of original T-Bar series, including several new features, sexier lines, and beautiful old school look.

#7 : Grindmaster Cecilware Commercial Espresso Machines

There are three commercial espresso machines from Grindmaster Cecilware. These espresso machines are rugged machines called ‘Venetzia II’ espresso machine. All the espresso machine connect to

All the espresso machine connect to the plumbing of building and runs at 220 volts. The group 1 espresso machine also works on 110

The group 1 espresso machine also works on 110 configurations. Note that espresso machines from this brand are fully automatic.

How to Brew Filter Coffee

We can give you one of the best cups of coffee that you ever had. There is a famous café where we happen to have had a cup of fantastic coffee. This coffee was prepared by the method which is called “The Pour Over Method.”

This method gives your coffee a robust and smooth flavor, that too without any acidity. It is not difficult for to do it at home. Try it out!

On an average, anyone drinks a cup of coffee per day. It’s obvious if there are complex coffee equipment which crowds the counter it’s not a good thing.

Adding to the trouble for a cup of coffee if your gear requires specially ordered filters that are a big turn off. If all the above sounds much like you, this pour-over method is perfect for you.

Filter Coffee

The following method should be taken with a pinch of salt. Because some of the ‘experts’ might disagree with about the details. We recommend you to measure your grains and grind them thoroughly if you’re not a trained by barista. Many people don’t prefer to follow the advice circular pouring motions.

The things that you need:


  • Roasted coffee beans: 28 grams or 1 ounce
  • Cold water: filtered if possible


  • A coffee cup
  • A single-cup paper coffee filter
  • Coffee grinder
  • An electric scale
  • A single-cup drip coffee cone (see product link below)
  • A measuring cup


Setting up Equipment and boiling water– First, the kettle should be filled with cold water and let it boil.

Take the paper filter and make it to a conical shape and put it inside the cone. After that rinse this paper with the tap water or drinking water as per your choice (doesn’t make any difference). This step helps the coffee filter easily, and any taste of the filter is not retained in your drink.

Now for the next step put this cone in a measuring cup and put the whole setup on the electric scale. For warming up the ceramic of your cup, put hot water in it and set it aside.

Grinding of the Coffee– Now this is one of the most important steps. For you to correctly grind the coffee, you should understand that the coffee beans are done grinding once it attains the shape of the grains of the sand. Many people grind it too much, and it becomes powder. Once you grind the coffee beans, put it into the filter and make sure that the scale is at zero.

Blooming of the Coffee– Use a circular motion to pour 60 grams of hot water into the coffee beans which are once ground. The circular motion ensures that the ground beans becomes evenly saturated. This step is also critical as it allows you a cup of coffee to have an excellent flavor. Allow it to sit for 1 or 1,5 minute.

Coffee should be continuously brewed after that – Once it has settled for a moment, it is then required to add more water till it reaches the weight of 415 grams in total. There is a scale which shuts off 355 grams as it has the maximum weighing capacity of 355 grams.

If it is the case, you might have to do it again. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should pour the stream of hot water directly on the grounds of the coffee beans.

Wait till it gets filtered– The average time coffee takes to get filtered two-two and a half minutes. Once the coffee stops to drip from the filter, consider that your coffee is made and ready to have. Pour the cup of your perfectly brewed coffee and enjoy all its glory!

And if you’re still confused here’s what you need to do


How to Make Cold Brewed French Press

Craving for a cold brewed french press? Here’s a simple method to make it at home.

Most of the people love having a cup of good cold brewed coffee, especially when it’s the time of summers. Do you hate to either go to a local coffee shop or spend $4 for every small carton of cold brew of coffee? It might have happened to you also that when you asked for a cold brewed coffee, the barista just pours hot coffee over ice, this is the worst for those who love cold brewed coffee.

There is a very simple solution to this problem that is to cold brew your coffee using a French Press. You can very easily get a French press, and we would even say that it’s the easiest process to brew your cup of coffee using the French Press.

French Press

Here is the most natural process through which you can have a cold-brewed cup of coffee using your French press:

Get your French press get started!

What’s needed?

– plastic wrap

French Press

– recycled glass bottle to put all of your delicious coffee concentrates into once you’re done

– coffee creamer (optional)

– Filtered water (you can use just tap water, but coffee is 99% water, so ya might as well use the best tasting water you can get your hands on)

– coffee: coarsely ground!!

– coffee creamer (optional)

– measuring cup

– coffee creamer (optional)

– sugar (optional)

Let’s BREW that cup of coffee!

First, you need to add about two cups of ground coffee beans to you French Press. Make sure that the grinding of the coffee beans is the size of sand rather than very finely ground beans (it shouldn’t be like powder).

Now you need to add water. It’s important to add the right amount of water to your brewed coffee because if you add too much water, the flavor of coffee will not be prominent enough. And too less of the water will make your coffee too hard. You may add about four medium cups of water to it.

Stir the mixture properly until you see that everything looks homogenous. That is, everything has formed one same color in the coffee. Ideally, this stirring should be continued for a while after it appears to give a uniform color.

Now at the last step, you need to place a plastic wrap on the top of the French Press, and with the help of a stretchy rubber band you can seal it off. This will give the right flavor to your coffee and also the time to absorb the flavor of the ground coffee in your drink.

Give it TIME and then go on to PRESS it.

There are different times that different sorts of people and websites will recommend you but the ideal time for the cold brew of your coffee should be anywhere between 12 hours to 18 hours. We have tried to brew it for 18 hours, and the coffee turned out to be on point!

We recommend you to wait patiently for this while as it’ll make your coffee worth it. Once the coffee has waited long enough, go on and press it.

Excellent cup of COLD BREWED COFFEE

You can dilute the above cup of coffee in the ratio of 1:1. That is one cup of water with one cup of coffee.

The above coffee will be strong! If you like your coffee to be a bit light, simple add more water.

We recommend you to serve your coffee with some cream over the top, sugar, and ice. It’ll make you feel empowered. Really! You can store the brewed coffee inside a glass bottle, and you’ll have the concentrate with you whenever you need to prepare your cold coffee. The coffee grinds can be used as compost in the garden.

Enjoy every bit of that cup of cold brewed coffee!

How to Choose Between a Burr and Blade Grinder

Need a new grinder? Have you decided on the type yet? If not here’s everything you need to know about 

A nice warm cup of coffee is loved by all. The day that starts with a perfect cup of coffee goes well. If you’re struggling to wake up then also this is the best solution.

There’s a study which shows that if any person is putting in more than $6 or a pound, then the person will tend to prefer and buy a good coffee grinder to go with it.

Coffee Beans

In this article, we will discuss the difference between the primary Burr and Blade grinder. You can read on and decide for you which one is the best suited for you:

#1 : Blade Grinder

A blade grinder is a classic grinder which is cheaper in cost that is, about $20-$30 each. There are classic blades in it which coffee beans are ground. The size of the beans depends upon the time of grinding.

Cons of blade grinder

The negative side of this type of grinder is that the coffee beans hence ground with it end up unevenly ground having some coarse and some finely ground beans. If you are into the traditional drip style of coffee making then this is the right choice for you.

A Blade grinder is not suitable for making an espresso as the beans are not evenly ground. The unevenness of the grind makes this style grinder less suitable for making espresso. An even, consistent blend of beans gives good taste to an expresso.

#2 : Burr Grinder

Burr coffee grinders are the type of grinders which are inspired from old school methods of a perfect coffee brewing. You have the choice of customizing your brewed coffee with Burr grinders. There are 2 plates inside a Burr grinder which are having very sharp edges.

These 2 plates are called Conical and Flat Burr respectively. These edges rotate relative to each other. While on plate rotates, the other one remains stationary. Both the blades are connected to each other. Both the plates differ in size. This helps in getting a uniform and consistent grind for all the beans.

#3 : Conical burrs

These are the most used variety of domestic burr grinder and this type is the less expensive of two types. This grinder rotates in a slower pace than the flat grinders. This ensures that the original aroma of the brewed coffee is intact.

This also is further divided into inner ring burr and an outer ring burr. This driver is best suited for French Press, drip and percolator types of coffee machines.

#4 : Flat burrs

These are mostly used at homes and small grinders intended for personal use. This also consists of 2 plates in which the 2 plates are placed one on top of the other.

It is usually made by the use of steel or ceramics on a large scale. There are many models in which you ca adjust the 2 plates by moving it up or down to tune its consistency according to your preference.

Some types of grinders are available which have the looks of burr grinders but are actually just the cheap mills and grind the coffee beans very unevenly, hence inconsistent. These are good only for the auto and drip coffee brewers. Our recommendation is to not prefer it. Use for only when you do not have any other option.


We hope by all these choices and explanations, you will be able to distinguish the type of coffee grinder you like for that perfect cup of that brewed coffee. There are many types of portable and small-sized French press that you can use on vacations. For sure take your time and learn to develop the habit of brewing that perfect coffee.

Learn more in detail in the video guide below